Peace cannot be realized by ending of wars and conflicts. A true peace can only be achieved by eliminating all forms of crimes, conflicts and discrimination, and by respecting, protecting and ensuring the rights of all. WeLoveU aims to establish a sustainable peace by supporting people develop social consciousness and participate in various activities beyond the borders of nationality, race, language and cultural background, etc. WeLoveU holds the New Life Family Walkathon and the New Life Concert every year to support people in different countries who are challenged by diseases, disasters and poverty, etc., with the participation of foreign diplomats and people from all walks of life, thus promoting unity between families and neighbors and development of people’s awareness on welfare services and education for children, adolescents and young adults.

The 19th New Life Concert

A happy walk together to deliver the love of a mother to the global family

A University Student from the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Presented at the UN Human Rights Event

Presented a video about human rights at the ‘International Day for Tolerance'

New Life Family Walkathon in the East Coast, U.S.

New Life Family Walkathon: A Walk For Bright Minds

The 19th New Life Family Walkathon

Helping climate refugees and underprivileged families worldwide - Global family becomes one through Mother’s love

The 18th New Life Concert

Melodies of Love, Cheering for Happy Lives of 7 Billion People

The 18th New Life Family Walkathon

Helping climate refugees and underprivileged families worldwide - Global family becomes one through Mother’s love

The 17th New Life Concert

Let’s Share Happiness Through Mother’s Love

The 17th New Life Family Walkathon

A message of hope was sent to 7 billion people including Ecuadorian earthquake victims, climate refugees worldwide, Korean households marginalized from welfare service

The 16th New Life Concert

One mind to support the neighbors! Songs of hope!

The 16th New Life Family Walkathon

“Families get together to share happiness with other families”

The 15th New Life Concert

No more tears! Toward tomorrow full of smiles!

The 14th New Life Concert

Give hope with songs of love to those in despair

The 15th New Life Family Walkathon

“Spread the Rainbow of Hope from Bengal to the Himalayas!”

The 13th New Life Concert

The love of 36.5℃ delivered to the children who are suffering from disease, poverty and water shortage

Korean Culture Experience Event for Multicultural Families on Chuseok

Busan Branch of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation invited 250 multicultural family members, promoting Korean culture & love

The 16th-132nd Worldwide Blood Drive

A Heat Wave from the “Festival to Share Life” Swept over the Global Village

The 14th New Life Family Walkathon

12,000 People Floated a Rainbow of Hope for Tuvalu in Crisis of Being Submerged

The 12th New Life Concert

Singing the song of love with heart

The 13th New Life Family Walkathon

The flower of hope is in bloom in the hearts of our neighbors in Asia and Africa.

The 13th Blood Drive in Gwangju

Love is not a noun but a “verb”

The 12th Blood Drive in Daejeon

230 members from the Daejeon branch participated in the blood donation program hosted by KBS