For a healthy lifestyle and healthy communities

박람회 포토존에서 함께 기념촬영을 하는 국제WeLoveU 임원진과 행사에 참여한 관계자들

Through correct health education, people of today can learn to take care of their health and prevent various illnesses. If one lacks knowledge on health, not only his health but also his family’s health may be negatively affected.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation set out to play a role as a bridge for promoting the health of individuals, families, and local communities. On March 24, WeLoveU hosted a Family Health and Wellness Expo at H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. The event was attended by members of the WeLoveU branch in the eastern part of U.S. and 200 local citizens; they shared information on health.

국제WeLoveU 가족 보건 및 건강 박람회에서 청소년 비만 퇴치 캠페인 등을 주제로 선보인 춤 공연

The event began with performance by air color guards and civil defense corps in Delaware. Christopher A. Coons, a Senator, expressed his gratitude to the WeLoveU for making efforts to improve the lives of the world citizens and to ensure the safety of the local community. August Kruesi, Vice-president of the branch in the eastern part of U.S., gave a presentation on “Health and Well-being.” Dance performance on the theme of young adult obesity reduction campaign was warmly welcomed by the participants.

국제WeLoveU 가족 건강 복지 박람회에 유방암 연구회 등 20여 개의 건강 관련 단체가 참가해 척추 검사, 혈압 검사, 건강 요리 등을 선보여 참가자들에게 건강 정보를 공유하고 있는 모습
국제WeLoveU 가족 건강 복지 박람회에 유방암 연구회 등 20여 개의 건강 관련 단체가 참가해 척추 검사, 혈압 검사, 건강 요리 등을 선보여 참가자들에게 건강 정보를 공유하고 있는 모습

The Expo was attended by more than 20 health organizations such as breast cancer research society; they offered services such as checking spine condition and blood-pressure, and cooking healthy meals. The participants stoped by booths and carefully watched them. Children naturally came to have information on health while face painting and playing. Booths for local police and firefighters offered various programs such as getting a ride on a cruiser and a truck for children.

국제WeLoveU 가족 건강 복지 박람회 개최에 협력한 시의원이 행사장에서 감사말을 전하고 있다.

Rysheema Dixon, a city council member of Wilmington, who participated in the Expo, said, “WeLoveU donated books to Christina Care Hospital in the previous year, and this is their second event. I’m truly thankful to Zahng Gil-jah the Chairwoman of the WeLoveU for arranging this helpful event.”

Nina Anderson, President of Tova Community Health, said, “It is so joyful to hold an event for promoting the health and wellbeing of local communities together with many people;” he expressed his hope to cooperate with the WeLoveU.