Good Health and Well-Being

WeLoveU contributes to promoting the health and well-being of all at all age groups who suffer from various problems including diseases, underdeveloped social and economic conditions, etc. WeLoveU offers medical expenses and psychological recovery programs to support people with heart diseases, rare and incurable diseases while conducting activities to prevent diseases and improve the well-being of disadvantaged and marginalized groups including children, seniors and the disabled, etc. The worldwide blood drives launched by WeLoveU have reduced the risk of death due to shortage of blood, and have contributed to expanding people’s participation in blood donations globally by enhancing their awareness on the importance of life-saving efforts.

The 16th Kimchi-Making Festival with the Heart of Mother

Delivering the love of a mother through wholeheartedly-made delicious, nutritious kimchi

Donation of Food in Celebration of Chuseok 2019

Have a happy holiday in the love of a mother!

국제WeLoveU 미국 유타 지부 회원들이 6월 23일, 유타주 솔트레이크시티 헌혈센터에서 제159회 전 세계 헌혈하나둘운동을 펼쳤다.

Worldwide Blood Drive in Salt Lake City, U.S.

Blood Donation ― A 36.5-Degree-Love Saving Lives

Save the World Global Forum 2019

Establishing global networks for sustainable life-saving efforts: Signing MOUs with overseas agencies and organizations

국제WeLoveU 가족 보건 및 건강 박람회에서 청소년 비만 퇴치 캠페인 등을 주제로 선보인 춤 공연

Hosting a Family Health and Wellness Expo in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.

For a healthy lifestyle and healthy communities

2018 Kimchi Making Festival with a Mother’s Love

Kimchi seasoned with love and hope was delivered to 900 households

Helping Dam Collapse Victims in Laos

Comfort through the free meal service camp, smile through the WeLoveU School

The 15th Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love

Kimchi, a dish for people around the world, delivering mothers’ love

Medical Supplies Donation for Iraqi Civil War Victims

Delivering USD 20,000 worth of medicines to four clinics in displaced persons camp

Donation of Funds for Syrian Refugees

Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Donates USD 20,000 to Embassy of Jordan in Korea

The 14th Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love

Love of sharing! Korean culture of making kimchi draws the world’s attention

The 13th Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love

The Memory of Making Delicious Kimchi on the Day of the First Snow of the Season

A Bridge Built with Love in a Small Village of Nepal

The “We Love U” Bride was built in Shree Junga in Itahari City

Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love with Multicultural Families

Gimjang kimchi made with the migrated women were delivered to 150 multicultural families in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province

Relief Efforts in the Typhoon Damaged Area—Aljakji Beach in Naedo Ward, Jeju City

Mongdol (meaning small pebbles in Korean) beach restored its beauty through the efforts of the members