We provide medical services and sanitation to local communities and to the children who are suffering from various kinds of diseases and poor health environment.
We put efforts into reducing the risk of death from blood shortage and to improve the health of all people through blood drives.

Increasing Accessibility

  • Improving disease prevention and management
  • Vaccination and medicine support
  • Improving health facilities

Health and Hygiene Education

  • Hygiene education
  • Proper hand washing training
  • Nutrition program education

Medical Assistance for Child

  • Surgery expense support for rare disease
  • Medical expense support for heart disease
  • Medical expense support for leukemia
  • Surgery expense support for poor families

Strengthen Health and Well-Being

  • Blood Relay Campaign
  • Medical support for war participants
    – Medical support for men of national merit
    – Medical support for civil war participants
  • Medical expense support for senior citizens,refugees

Work for WeloveU


Worldwide Blood Drive 2023

Blood Donation Campaigns
for Sustainable Life-Saving Efforts in 33 Countries

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Bringing Laughter Back to Children With Cancer in Fiji

Donated 10 million KRW (Approx.10,000 USD) to WOWS Kids Fiji to help treat 74 children

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Campaña de Donación de Sangre 2021

Worldwide Blood Drive 2021

Held Blood Drives in 46 Regions of 14 Countries in Age of Pandemic to Alleviate the Shortage of Blood Supply

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International NGO WeLoveU’s Worldwide Support for People in Need Due to the Pandemic

International NGO WeLoveU delivers the Sanitary and Medical Supplies and Necessities to 23 countries from November 2020 to March

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