The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation

is a non-profit organization working to Increase happiness of the people
in the world through long-term projects.

This is why we are here; we deliver the love of a mother to those weary people. In Ghana, DR Congo, Kenya, Cambodia, Laos, and India, we search for veins of water, drill boreholes and install water pumps and storages. For people in these water-stressed countries, clean water is more than thirst quencher—it is a miracle of life. We also support children with school supplies and aid schools to improve facilities. For children who lost their families in the aftermath of earthquakes, we provide relief goods and help them receive medical treatment.


Focus Areas

The impressive stories are delivered to the
global family beyond nationality and race. “We Love U”

International Aid
  • Installing water pumps in water-stressed countries in Africa and Asia
  • Improving educational environments for children in vulnerable countries
  • Disaster relief
  • Medical and living expenses support
Blood Drive
  • Blood drives to save life and share love
New Life Family Walkathon
  • Donation of water pumps
  • Help for children with heart diseases or rare and intractable diseases
  • Help for climate refugees
New Life Concert
  • Help for children with heart diseases or rare and intractable diseases
  • Help for multicultural families
  • Disaster relief
  • Medical and living expenses support
Services for Senior Citizens
  • Consolatory party for senior citizens
Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love
  • People from countries across the globe learn how to make kimchi, the traditional Korean food, and deliver a mother’s love to underprivileged neighbors.
Emergency Relief
  • Natural or man-made disaster relief efforts
  • Spending national holidays with multicultural families
  • Consolatory visits
  • Donation of coal briquettes

Clean WORLD Movement

We’re working in 500 regions in over 50 countries.

With such love of a mother,
we’re improving our environment
to be clean and safe for all living beings.

Worldwide Blood Drive


Total No. of Volunteers


Total No. of Donors

151 blood drives have been held
throughout the world; 35,231 volunteers
including the members of the Intl. WeLoveU
Foundation have participated in the blood
drives and 13,191 people have donated
their precious blood to save the lives of
many people who are dying due to
the lack of blood for transfusion.

International Aid

We deliver hope with a mother’s love
so that they can smile again.

  • Installation of water pumps and tanks
  • Support for educational materials and facilities
  • Donation of daily necessities and financial aid
  • Relief efforts in disaster-stricken areas
  • Welfare activities for senior citizens

Regular Activities

New Life Family Walkathon

For the past ten years, a total of 205,000
people have participated in the walkathon
and taken one step after another to save lives.
We have walked miles equivalent
to walking about eleven times around the earth.

New Life Concert

The New Life Concert is to help children
with heart disease or rare and intractable diseases.

Awards Received & Media Reports

The activities of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation,
which shares the pain and sorrow of our neighbors, are reported by mass media.

Happiness Partner