A tree planting project to conserve the natural environment and restore ecosystems

Mom’s Garden

Plant a tree now and give a “forest” to future generations.
This is the most valuable heritage we can pass down to our children.

WeLoveU Environmental Protection Project

What’s Mom’s Garden?

It’s a WeLoveU-led environmental initiative aimed at maintaining Earth’s greenery by
inspiring individuals to undertake small actions, much like a mother tending to her garden by
planting flowers and trees for her family.

Forest Restoration

Tree planting in forests damaged by disasters such as wildfires, etc.


Tree planting in deserts or areas undergoing desertification

Greening of Living Areas

Tree planting in personal living spaces including homes, offices, and schools

1 Million Tree Planting

The global average temperature has increased by 1.07℃ compared to the pre-industrial period.
If global warming continues to accelerate unabated, we will encounter a climate crisis that cannot be addressed by human efforts.

WeLoveU implements the Mom’s Garden Project with the goal of planting 1 million trees from 2022 to 2026 in order to protect the environment, support climate refugees, and promote the overall environmental well-being of humanity.

Tree Planting Goal

1 Million Trees

Current Status of Tree Planting

As of 2022


No. of Participating Countries



No. of Participants



Trees Planted



Amount of Carbon Absorbed

*The amount of carbon absorbed is an average and may differ from the actual amount.

How to Participate

You can contribute to creating a greener Earth by planting and nurturing one or more trees.

Step 1.

Select Planting Venue

Areas Suitable for Tree Planting

  • Homes, workplaces, schools and more
Step 2.

Get Seedling Ready

Choose a Tree Species

  • A tree species that can easily adapt to the selected site
  • A tree species that can fit well into the landscape
Step 3.

Plant Seedling

How to Plant a Tree

  1. Get ready with the necessary materials
  2. Clear the ground
    (Remove stones and weeds, etc.)
  3. Dig a hole
    (The hole should be slightly deeper and wider than the roots of the seedling.)
  4. Plant the seedling
    (Straighten the roots and fill the hole while mixing topsoil and subsoil.)
  5. Water the seedling thoroughly
  6. Apply Mulch
    (Cover the soil surface around the seedling with gravel.)
  7. Place a name tag on the seedling
Step 4.

Share Your Story

Send an email containing a photo and a video (less than 15 sec.) of your participation, along with a brief message expressing how you feel about taking part in the campaign.

  • Share your experience through a picture diary, observation diary and personal memoir, etc.
Send your tree planting story

Monitor Your Tree

Please take good care and monitor the tree you’ve planted for its healthy growth.

A tree that receives attention and care will benefit the community by improving air quality and contributing to a sustainable environment.

  • Monitor the growth status of the planted tree
  • Identify damages caused by pests, animals, humans and disasters
  • Monitor the flowering and fruit production of the planted tree

Distinctive Benefits of Mom’s Garden

Distinctive Benefits of Mom’s Garden

Air Quality Improvement

  • Filters out greenhouse gases
  • Produces oxygen
  • Absorbs fine dust

Climate Change and Natural Disaster Prevention

  • Controls temperature and humidity
  • Functions as both windbreaks and firebreaks
  • Prevents soil erosion and collapse


  • Improves animal and plant habitats
  • Protects wildlife
The WeLoveU’s Mom’s Garden Project is a global initiative that unites individuals worldwide in the beautiful shared mission of environmental protection.
The WeLoveU’s Mom’s Garden Project is a global initiative thatunites individuals worldwide in the beautiful shared mission ofenvironmental protection.

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