In the Pezzutti Park in Cairns, Queensland, Australia,
WeLoveU members are digging the soil diligently and planting saplings.
With the eager participation of children, young trees have been delicately planted
in the gaps between the larger trees, adding to the park’s beauty.

🌳 How to Plant Saplings 🌳

① Dig the ground to an appropriate depth according to the size of a sapling.
② Cover it with soil.
③ Place dry grass and straw on top of the soil. (To conserve moisture and supply nutrients)
④ Give it a generous amount of water.

The members had high hopes that the young trees would thrive, enhancing the beauty of Pezzutti Park, which serves as a resting place for many citizens.


On December 10, WeLoveU members in Cairns
planted 200 saplings on the Pezzutti Park within the community.
This activity was a part of the Mom’s Garden Project
and was graciously sponsored by the Cairns Regional Council.