Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah
Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah

Zahng Gil-Jah has lived her whole life as a mother’s life. She embraces all humankind as a global village family, and has been carrying out humanitarian activities for the happiness of all, like a mother who lavishes her love and attention on her family, and constantly serves and sacrifices for them in the humblest position. The path Zahng Gil-Jah has walked has been layered with love and sharing and has made the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which began in Korea, grow to be an international NGO with more than 155,000 members in 73 countries.


“I want everyone in our global village family to live a life without loneliness. Regardless of country, race, ethnicity, religion, without discrimination against the weak, disabled, women and children, I hope that every single person can live in peace and happiness, being respected not neglected. ”

Zahng Gil-Jah has been carrying out global welfare activities to help neighbors, society, and reaching out to families in the global village, under the slogan “With the Heart of a Mother,” wishing for the happiness of every family. She has given a new life to children fighting to breathe, she has given hope and courage to children suffering from sudden disasters so they can stand again, and she has conveyed tender love and care to those who are neglected and lonely. That is why so many people in the world call her mother.

Zahng Gil-Jah’s Major Activities

Protecting Women’s Rights

Even at this very moment many women around the world are suffering from violence and discrimination, being denied their human rights, Zahng Gil-Jah has conducted various activities for the protection of women’s rights, provided medical care, livelihood, welfare and psychological support for single-parent families, elderly women living alone, women with disabilities, and much more, as well as support for the education of girls.

Honorary Chairwoman has provided financial assistance for childbirth to an international female college student, studying overseas with her husband, living in financial difficulties in a foreign country with a different language and culture. She has helped multicultural housewives’ with social adaptation, treatment for homesickness by supporting them to visit their home country they’d been yearning for and in doing so allowed them to embrace their new life. She has protected women’s right to life through the ‘Coal Briquettes of Love Delivery’ and given them hope and encourage through livelihood support. She has promoted health and livelihood stabilization of immigrant women, senior citizens living alone, and the vulnerable social groups by holding the Kimchi-Making Festival every year.

Creating a Society Without Inequality and Discrimination

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which can be summarized into artificial intelligence and big data, has arrived but there are still quite a few people still suffering from inequality and discrimination in every kind of situation as well as from famine, water shortage, poverty, diseases, disasters, climate change, and environmental contamination. Zahng Gil-Jah has diligently made efforts to protect the vulnerable so that everyone will be treated with equality and live without any discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, age, culture, disability, and financial conditions.

She has constantly worked to help pediatric patients with heart disease and rare or incurable diseases, children, teenagers, the disabled, senior citizens living alone, foreign workers, families in poverty, and climate refugees with medical treatment, economical independence, and education. She has visited disaster sites to comfort the victims of the Sewol ferry sinking, the Daegu subway fire, and the Taean oil spill and has taken the lead in volunteer services with the Intl. WeLoveU foundation members by donating relief funds, performing cleanup operations, and providing free meal services. She has installed water pumps, water tanks, and water supply facilities in Asian and African water-stressed countries and secured systematic follow-up management to prevent waterborne diseases caused by contaminated water and laid the groundwork for residents to live healthy lives.

She has been holding the Worldwide Blood Drive since 2004 to save lives that are at risk due to blood shortages, instilling a respect for life consciousness in every country, and increasing blood donation participation. With the Clean WORLD Movement which she started in 2007 to preserve the environment, she has been contributing to protect marine and terrestrial ecosystems, improving health and hygiene, reducing greenhouse gasses, improving forest environments, and preventing desertification, so all people of the world can enjoy a healthy life in a safe environment without discrimination. She held the Green Campus Environmental Seminar with the Gabonese President, and provided Green Campus scholarships to university students who are committed to protecting the environment in their respective countries, and encourages university students and young adults to become global leaders in sustainable environmental protection and environmental protection activities of future generations.

She has been hosting the ‘New Life Family Walkathon‘ and the ‘New Life Concert‘ for twenty years to help people suffering from disasters, diseases, and poverty, promote harmony among family members and neighbors, raise awareness of welfare, and further the education of children and youths for equality, and coexistence. In particular, the walkathons are also held one after another in the U.S., Peru, and the Philippines, and are advancing the ‘win-win welfare’ for the global village.

Realizing a World Without War

Wars destroy the peaceful life of an individual, and the foundations of families, neighborhoods, communities, and countries. Due to political, economical, ethnical, racial, or religious conflicts, many innocent lives are lost, and inflicts tremendous damage to all aspects of society, economy, and culture.

Zahng Gil-Jah has visited the Veterans Hospital to support war veterans and wounded servicemen with medical expenses; disabled veterans and their families in other countries with medical supplies and expenses; and war refugees to be self-reliant again. Perpetual civil war has been in Iraq for several years and a considerable number of Internally displaced persons (IDP) suffer from disease on account of living in conditions that are not considered adequate, and Jordan’s difficulties are ineffable, as they are accommodating the surging Syrian refugees. After learning of this situation through the Jordanian Ambassador to Korea and from an official from the Iraq Embassy, she has supported expenses for 90 types of medical supplies through the United Iraqi Medical Society (UIMS); an Iraqi non-governmental organization for relief and development, and supplied provisions for the Syrian refugees by cooperating with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO); a nonprofit organization representing Jordan.

In order to ensure no one experiences pain or suffering from war, she has sought constructive methods by holding forums to work together internationally for sustainable emergency relief, establishing a prevention and response system, and forging global partnership.

Realizing Sustainable International Peace

Peace cannot be realized simply by the end of conflicts and wars. True peace can be achieved when there are no social crimes, conflicts, and discrimination, when the rights of community members can be guaranteed, and when communication and unity are accomplished. This process must be done ‘together’ by individuals, regions, nations and the world.

Zahng Gil-Jah inspires all walks of life and instills a sense of community spirit for the global village and draws people’s attention to life, human rights, equality, and harmony. She holds character education for teenagers and their parents, through various activities such as the Save the World Global Forums, and meetings on global welfare with diplomats in Korea, and the signing of agreements with the Gabonese President as well as people from all levels of society, to cooperate with international organizations, governments, agencies, and civil societies. She encourages all people from various fields —politics, economics, society, science, law, medical care, culture, art, and sports—to participate in welfare activities, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, language, or culture. Her global humanitarian efforts correspond to the Sustainable Developmental Goals [SDGs], the common goals of international society, and open the way for world peace.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah
Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah