Emergency Relief

A huge unexpected disaster makes one’s life collapse and even destroys the social foundation of a nation. We provide emergency relief to refugees whose lives are threatened due to civil wars caused by racial, ethnic, religious, and political problems, and to victims who have lost their homes and livelihood due to environmental disasters, earthquakes, and famines.

Disaster Relief Efforts

  • Flood relief efforts
  • Fire relief efforts
  • Earthquake relief efforts
  • Heavy snow relief efforts

Food Crisis Alleviation

  • Free meal operation
  • Food donation for the areas facing food crisis

Health and Hygiene Support

  • Medical expense support
  • Infectious diseases prevention

Refugee Relief

  • Medicine and medical supplies support
  • Medical expense support

Activities Area

Work for WeloveU


Flood Recovery Efforts in Kerala, India

Emergency recovery area and food aid for 2 weeks.

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Donation of Relief Goods for Earthquake Sufferers in Ecuador

Hoping they overcome the disaster, neighbors from the opposite side of the earth send encouragement

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Dream for Future Reestablished in Tanauan

School classroom dedication ceremony for the typhoon-damaged area in the Philippines

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