Donation of 1,000 kg of rice at the large fire news

On Tuesday, March 6, a large fire hit Barangay Botocan in the Philippines, and about 500 households suffered. Due to the fire, houses collapsed and were burnt down to ashes. The victims who lost their homes in a day are in a desperate situation where they need shelter, water, and food.

On March 16, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation offered 1,000 kg of rice to 500 households of fire victims in Botocan, who needed food during the restoration period.

The WeLoveU has been continuing its relationship with the Quezon City for the past four years by donating educational equipment and daily necessities, visiting nursing homes, and conducting the Clean WORLD Movement that is clean-up activities for the environment. And the Quezon City Hall has consecutively appreciated the WeLoveU’s volunteer services by awarding the certificate of recognition to it.