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New Life Family Walkathon

The New Life Family Walkathon is a welfare activity held every year to help our needy neighbors in the global village. For the past ten years, a total of 205,000 people have participated in the Walkathon and have taken one step after another to save lives. The total length of the path of love which has been walked up until now is the equivalent of walking about 11 times around the earth.

“One More Step, One More Life!”

From a broad perspective, we are one family living in a big home called “Earth.” Strong and affectionate bonds among family members transcends nationality, ethnicity and ideology. Providing the water of life for the members of the global family who are suffering from water shortages—this is a difficult task that requires patience and devotion. It is possible with the heart of a mother. Please fill your life with the joy of helping your neighbors in need with the heart of a mother.
Welcome Message by Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah

The New Life Family Walkathon History

224,000 Participants for 20 Times

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