Walkathon held on the other side of the world for children with disability or heart disease

심장병 어린이 및 장애아동을 돕기 위한 국제WeLoveU 제22회 페루 새생명 사랑 가족걷기대회 행사 모습

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which had been carrying out global welfare activities with a mother’s love, held the 22nd New Life Family Walkathon in Lima, Peru. As part of Save the World movement, a humanitarian project for healthy earth and bright future for mankind, New Life Family Walkathon has been held all over the world; in the meantime, the baton of the walkathon was passed to Peru.

On June 23, 1,500 people, including city officials, members of the WeLoveU branch in Lima, and the local citizens, participated in the walkathon held at Loma Amarilla Ecological Park in Santiago de Surco in order to help neighbors in need. Through the 22nd New Life Family Walkathon in Peru, the WeLoveU planned to donate 50 wheelchairs to disabled children and provide aid to 10 children with heart disease, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

심장병 어린이 및 장애아동을 돕기 위한 국제WeLoveU 제22회 페루 새생명 사랑 가족걷기대회 행사 모습
심장병 어린이 및 장애아동을 돕기 위한 국제WeLoveU 제22회 페루 새생명 사랑 가족걷기대회 행사 모습

The walkathon began at about 10 a.m. with the opening address by Kim Wang-hyeon, the WeLoveU branch manager. He expressed his gratitude to the participants, and said, “We will walk with a mother’s heart to give a new hope to those in despair. The new hope will grow to become a driving force behind making the world more beautiful than ever.”

Afterward, there were various performances such as dance by children, choir by youth members, traditional Peruvian dance, and playing traditional Peruvian music instruments, which brightened up the event atmosphere. After warming up, the participants with bright smiles went on the walking course.

심장병 어린이 및 장애아동을 돕기 위한 국제WeLoveU 제22회 페루 새생명 사랑 가족걷기대회 행사 모습
가족 단위의 참여자들이 즐겁고 행복한 표정으로 국제WeLoveU 제22회 새생명 사랑 가족걷기대회에 참여하는 모습

The members walked around the park with their families, having friendly conversation. After turning around the park in a wide circle, they returned to the start line and took a celebratory photo, which brought the event to a close. The members felt greatly rewarded and happy that they were able to deliver hope and love to their neighbors by participating in the walkathon.

José Humberto Diez Canseco Rivero, Head of Santiago de Surco Government Administrative Plan Department, said, “The walkathon, today, was unprecedented and innovative. Through this, the participants will have an opportunity to make peace in their families;” he greatly complimented the WeLoveU on its activities.

The WeLoveU members expressed their hope to continually participate in the walkathon to help their neighbors in need, saying, “This event was meaningful and joyful as we could spend time together with our family.”

So far, 225,000 people have participated in the WeLoveU Walkathon. The total distance, which has been traveled, equals 13 times the circumference of the earth. The WeLoveU will continue to hold the walkathon throughout the world.

국제WeLoveU의 ‘세이브더월드(Save the World)’ 프로젝트의 일환으로 전 세계 릴레이 걷기대회가 열리는 가운데 페루 리마에서 심장병 어린이 및 장애아동을 돕기 위한 제22회 새생명 사랑 가족걷기대회가 개최됐다.