Blood Donation ― A 36.5-Degree-Love Saving Lives

국제WeLoveU 미국 유타 지부 회원들이 6월 23일, 유타주 솔트레이크시티 헌혈센터에서 제159회 전 세계 헌혈하나둘운동을 펼쳤다.

WeLoveU shares a 36.5-degree-love with a mother’s loving heart through its Worldwide Blood Drive. On June 23, 2019, the WeLoveU hosted its 159th Worldwide Blood Drive at the Salt Lake City Donation Center in Utah, the U.S.

Members of the WeLoveU branch in Utah, the U.S., joined the Missing Types campaign launched by the American Red Cross as partners. As we might not realize how important letters A, B and O can be until they are gone in the alphabet, the campaign raises awareness about what could happen when blood goes missing (A,B and O blood groups) for the patients in need of blood transfusions. A week before the blood drive, the WeLoveU members actively conducted promotional activities to encourage as many people as possible to participate in blood donations.

솔트레이크시티 헌혈세터에서 제159차 전 세계 헌혈하나둘운동에 참여하는 참가자들을 맞이하는 국제WeLoveU 미국 유타 지부 회원들
‘사라진 A‧B‧O를 찾아라(Missing Types Campaign)’ 캠페인을 홍보하기 위해 글자에서 알파벳 A, B, O가 사라진 국제위러브유(WeLoveU) 로고와 미국적십자사 로고.

Dropping the letters A, B and O from logos of the WeLoveU and the American Red Cross

WeLoveU joins the Missing Types campaign of the American Red Cross through its 159th Worldwide Blood Drive

At 8 a.m. on the blood drive day, the WeLoveU members gathered together at the Salt Lake City Blood Center to greet people who came to participate in the blood drive. Family programs, snacks and beverages were prepared by the Blood Center, welcoming everyone to participate in the blood drive in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. The blood drive lasted for 6 hours and a total of 41 out of 86 participants succeed in donating their blood.

국제WeLoveU 제159회 전 세계 헌혈하나둘운동에 미래의 헌혈 가능자인 어린이들도 함께 행사에 참여하여 솔트레이크시티 헌혈센터에서 제공된 간식을 즐겁게 먹고 있다.
미국적십자사 캠페인 ‘사라진 A‧B‧O를 찾아라(Missing Types Campaign)’와 함께하는 위러브유 제159회 ‘헌혈하나둘운동’ 현장.
헌혈을 마친 국제WeLoveU 미국 유타 지부 회원들이 미국적십자사 포토존에서 헌혈문구가 적힌 피켓을 들고 활짝 웃는 모습

“Only 3 out of 100 people give blood in the U.S. Backed by the active cooperation of the WeLoveU, we expect to recruit more blood donors,” said Sherri Van Bibber (Blood Services Department at the American Red Cross) who participated in the event. ABC4 Utah, one of the top 3 American broadcasters, broadcast the WeLoveU’s blood drive which helped people better understand the importance of blood donations.

The WeLoveU steps up its efforts in spreading the life-saving movement through blood donations supported by a global network on blood donation established at the Save the World Global Forum 2019 and an MOU signed with the Korean Red Cross, etc. The WeLoveU plans to carry out its Worldwide Blood Drive on a constant basis, with the aim of saving the lives of people at risk through the combined effort of each individual.

국제WeLoveU 미국 유타 지부 회원들이 6월 23일, 유타주 솔트레이크시티 헌혈센터에서 제159회 전 세계 헌혈하나둘운동을 펼쳤다.