On August 27, the 156th Blood Drive was held in Ulsan. In the noble service of sharing life, the members in Ulsan came together with one mind.

At the event held at the Ulsan Blood Bank, many different groups of people gathered such as, workers on their way to work, college students on their way to class, and wives after their housework. The participants smiled brightly saying, “I participated with the heart of a mother who saves her family.”

The Ulsan Blood Bank supported the event through blood donation vehicles and snacks. The president of the Korean Red Cross Society, the director of the Ulsan Blood Bank, the members of Ulsan City Hall, the deputy president of the city council, and local officials were present and encouraged the donors who participated in the event of sharing life.

The WeLoveU’s blood drive was covered by the media such as KBS Ulsan, UBS Ulsan, and Kyeongsang Ilbo, and gained much attention about blood donation from the local citizens.

The WeLoveU Ulsan Branch hosted the Clean WORLD Movement as well as the blood drive to share love with its neighbors.

They’ve been making efforts to keep Ulsan clean in various places such as Cheokgwacheon Stream, Seuldo, Daewangam Park, Taehwa River, Dongcheon River, and Hogaecheon Stream.