Community Well-being

We strive for the well-being of disadvantaged people such as children, senior citizens, women, and the disabled. We share family-like love with them by supporting welfare institutions with goods and volunteer services, and we promote communication and harmony among community members by helping farmers, holding charity concerts, participating in community work, and volunteering as supporters for domestic or international sports games

Support for the Underprivileged

  • Support for child
  • Support for senior citizens
  • Support for the disabled
  • Kimchi making event
  • Building partnerships

Support for Multicultural Families

  • Kimchi making event
  • Consolatory event, greeting national holidays
  • Culture experience

Contribution to Local Communities

  • Support for domestic or international sports games

Strengthening the Bond of Sympathy

  • Consolatory visit to military camp
  • Consolatory visit to fire station
  • Character education

Work for WeloveU


Kimchi-Making Festival to Share Mother’s Love with Multicultural Families

Gimjang kimchi made with the migrated women were delivered to 150 multicultural families in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province

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Peace and Comfort to Heal the Wounded Island

Donation ceremony for the low-income households in Yeonpyeongdo Island

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The 13th Love Sharing Event on National Holiday: Party for Multicultural Families

"On the Bountiful Korean Harvest Festival, We Share Love With the Global Family"

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