Donation ceremony for the low-income households in Yeonpyeongdo Island

Yeonpyeongdo Island, which is located in Yeonpyeong-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, near the NLL [Northern Limit Line] as one of the five northernmost islands in the West Sea, was engulfed in flames on November 23, 2010. It was because North Korean forces fired around 170 artillery shells at Yeonpyeongdo Island. Bombardment that occurred in a peaceful daytime killed two soldiers and 2 civilians, and more than 40 houses were destroyed or fired.

Bombardment of Yeonpyeongdo is the first artillery attack on a civilian area from North Korea after the Korean War. Although there were big and small battles including the First Battle of Yeonpyeong in June, 1999, and the Second Battle in June, 2002, after three years, this was the first case that civilian houses were bombarded, so the residents of Yeonpyeongdo and the whole nation were shocked beyond imagination. 1,800 residents of Yeonpyeongdo hastily left the island. They lost their homes in a day and had no place to go. They stayed in jjimjilbangs (which is Korean dry sauna rooms) for a few days, but they came back to the island because they could not give up their jobs.

Around 3:20 p.m. on June 25, the 62nd anniversary of the start of Korean War, the donation ceremony of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation for 95 low-income households in Yeonpyeong-do was held at Ongjin-gun office, Incheon. The ceremony was well attended by the chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of the WeLoveU foundation, the foundation’s board members, the Ongjin-gun governor Cho Yun-gil and relevant public officials.

The chairwoman who visited the Ongjin-gun office delivered the message of consolation to the victims in Yeonpyeong-do and hoped that the members’ sincerity would give them comfort and help. As well, she gave a warm round of applause for the governor and the officials who are making effort to take good care of the residents.

The chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and the Ongjin-gun governor, Cho Yun-gil, pose for pictures.

Cotton-wool comforters were delivered to the residents in Yeonpyeong-do for winter.(November 23, 2012)

“People all throughout the nation helped us a lot, and on behalf of all the residents, I give thanks to the chairwoman of the WeLoveU and the members for your consideration about us and for giving us help. Your continuous support encourages the residents very much,” the Ongjin-gun governor Cho Yun-gil said. The governor also gave a detailed explanation of status of islands—Baengnyeong-do, Daecheong-do as well as Yeonpyeong-do—lifestyle of residents of Yeonpyeong-do and security strategy.

With the help of the Korean government and the kind support of people from all walks of life, Yeonpyeong-do now has new houses and solid refuge facilities. Just the fact that the civilians live freely and make their living in the front lines is itself has the deterrent effect. Remembering Yeonpyeong-do and being concerned about it is a little effort that we can make for the peace in this beautiful island, in the Korean Peninsula, and the whole world.