WeloveU Campaign

Saving the Earth - Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement

With such love of a mother, we are improving our environment
to be clean and safe for all living beings.

Clean environment,
beginning of a healthy life

Through the Clean WORLD Movement, an environmental initiative,
the WeLoveU cleans up polluted cities, parks, mountains, rivers, and seas, while conducting
environmental protection campaigns, educational programs and seminars, etc.

Clean Air

Clean Land

Clean Water

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Year Time Participants
2008-2010 731 56,137
2011-2015 251 78,017
2016 225 67,092
2017 190 15,181
2018 212 33,433

Work for WeloveU

The Clean World Movement around the world cleanses the contaminated world,
changes our thoughts and life, and creates a new future filled with hope and happiness.