The 20th New Life Family Walkathon

Proclamation of ‘Save the World’ Vision—the first step towards saving the earth with love

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3월 17일 국제위러브유운동본부 미국 동부지역 회원 30여 명이 일찍부터 노스캐롤라이나주 샬럿의 맥알파인 크리크 공원에 모여 식품 포장지, 플라스틱병, 전신주 등 갖가지 폐기물을 모아 가득 채운 쓰레기 봉투 30개.

Clean WORLD Movement in Charlotte, the U.S. (McAlpine Creek Park)

Cleaning up the environment is essential to a happy life

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2018 Kimchi Making Festival with a Mother’s Love

Kimchi seasoned with love and hope was delivered to 900 households

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미얀마 양곤 지부 회원들이 지구를 보호하는 국제위러브유의 전 세계 클린월드운동을 진행하기 위해 오전 7시에  모여 차를 타고 출발하는 모습

Clean WORLD Movement Is Carried out Even in Yangon, Myanmar

Taking the First Step in Making a Happy Future and a Clean Environment

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The 19th New Life Concert

A happy walk together to deliver the love of a mother to the global family

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New Life Family Walkathon in the East Coast, U.S.

New Life Family Walkathon: A Walk For Bright Minds

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