With the aim to offer an inclusive, equitable and quality education to children, adolescents and young adults who are leaders of the future global community, we offer diverse aid programs such as scholarships, construction and improvement of school facilities,  and provision of school equipments and supplies.  On top of that, we carry out educational programs to help them foster good character and values, and fulfill their role as a member of society by actively engaging in communication with others including their families and others.


Facility Support

  • Providing audio-visual equipment
  • Reconstructing disaster-damaged buildings
  • Expanding nursery facilities
  • Constructing restroom
  • Installing water purifiers

Educational Equipment Support

  • Book support
  • School supplies and schoolbag support
  • Desk and chair support
  • Uniform support

Financial Support

  • Scholarship support
  • Tuition support

Character Education

  • Character education for youths
  • Character education for parents

Raising Environmental Awareness

  • Reducing the use of disposable cups
  • Using public transportation
  • NO idling
  • Using bicycle roads
  • Education on recycling

Raising leaders

  • Raising educational leaders
  • Raising volunteer service leaders

Work for WeloveU