The presidency also welcomes the Brighthaiti Project

Only a quarter of Haiti’s population can use electric energy, and frequent blackouts cause many people big trouble in their everyday lives. This even weakens the zeal and will of the students who work hard at vocational schools to ensure a bright future for themselves and their families.

So, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation decided to donate 3,000 solar powered flashlights for the students of a vocational school in Port-au-Prince, so that the lights will shine the dreams and hopes of students in Haiti. Solar flashlights are energy saving and help the students, who study for their bright future, fulfill their dreams through their studies.

Ronald Legoute, Project Manager, Private Office of the President of Haiti, attended the donation ceremony held at the school auditorium on May 31, and expressed his gratitude to the WeLoveU for its help.

The school staff, including Maguy Durcé, General Director of the INFP, and Jean Marie Boujolie, Principal of CEPROTECH, and over 1,000 students also participated in the ceremony. The hall was so crowded that many students were not able to enter inside. After the ceremony, the faces of the students who had received the flashlights were filled with brighter smiles than the lights. The WeLoveU will continue to help Haiti through the BrightHaiti Project.