New hope shines in the renovated school

On December 5, 2017, the ceremony for the completion of the School Environment Improvement of Intl. WeLoveU Foundation was held at the Centro No. 15 of Elementary and Preschool Education in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Centro No. 15 of Elementary and Preschool Education is a special school for students with disabilities who are physically challenged. There are 175 students from the first grade of elementary school to the third grade of middle school, and there is a small affiliated kindergarten. As it is a special school, they need much consideration and attention, but the school’s circumstances do not allow that. The cafeteria is dusty as the floor tiles have come off and the desks in the art classroom are very old. Due to shortage of budget, repairing facilities was hardly thinkable for the school, and the students were studying at the old facilities with inconveniences and risk.

Learning about this situation, the WeLoveU decided to improve the school environment. The Education Department of Asuncion heard the news and said, “We’re grateful for the good news, which gives hope to the alienated students and teachers,” and helped the volunteer service by donating books for the school library.

The construction started on November 1; it started with painting the exterior and interior, and repairing the library, art classroom, and the cafeteria. The old lockers, old bookshelves, and desks were also replaced with new ones in each classroom and the special classroom. The WeLoveU members made these equipments for a week, sweating until late at night. The members replaced broken windows and light fixtures, and repaired electric fans‧ The hallway of the cafeteria became clean by applying concrete, and new tables and chairs were placed inside the cafeteria. In the library, curtains were hung, and a beam projector and A/C, which the children really needed, were installed.

At first, the teachers experienced inconveniences by the construction noise. However, they were moved by the sincere volunteer service of the members who came to work every day, and they helped with painting together with the parents and students. Carol, a teacher of the affiliated kindergarten, rejoiced like a little child, saying, “I’ve been working for this school for 23 years, but it’s my first time painting a classroom.”

When the construction was completed, a ceremony for the completion of the school environment improvement work was held in the renovated library. The ceremony was attended by more than 100 people, including the WeLoveU members and students as well as Cesar Martinez the General Director of Integrated Education of Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay, David Cardozo the General Director of City Environment Management of Asuncion, and Principal Maria Teresa Cristaldo.

Martinez, the General Director of Integrated Education, expressed his excitement, saying, “As the school environment improved, the children gained laughter, the teachers were moved, and the parents got happiness. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation’s activities are very meaningful and priceless. The hearts of the volunteers from the WeLoveU reached God and brought a miracle.” He added, “I would like to thank the Chairwoman of the WeLoveU for helping the students in Paraguay from Korea, a faraway country.” Principal Cristaldo expressed his deep gratitude, saying, “The school doesn’t only seem to have improved, but it also feels like we have a new school,” and awarded the WeLoveU with a Plaque of Appreciation, saying, “The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation let everybody realize that school is our home.”

Meanwhile, the school invited the WeLoveU members to the graduation ceremony held on December 11. This day, the members created happy memories by presenting certifications of graduation to the graduates and taking pictures together.

A school is the home of hope, where children’s dreams grow. The WeLoveU will continue to provide more diverse and substantial support programs so that more students can let their big dreams grow in a better environment.