Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room

During adolescence, many factors such as academic stress, peer relationships,
and family conflicts can lead to emotional difficulties.

In the United States, students face various stressors such as engaging
in economic activities to earn allowance, excessive school work, and more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] reported in a 2021 survey
that 44% of high school students in the United States experience persistent
feelings of depression. Failure to properly care for the mental health of adolescents
can hinder their physical and emotional growth and may lead to various social issues.

WeLoveU has created a “Calming Room (Emotional Stability Classroom)
at University High School in Newark, New Jersey, to help students manage
their physical and mental well-being. The Calming Room is a special classroom
designed to help students enhance academic focus and cultivate
proper emotional health through emotion regulation and stress relief.

Calming Room Effect

Improving Concentration
Reducing Stress
Fostering an Inclusive School Culture
Cultivation of Proper Emotional Health
Emotion Regulation

The Calming Room, remodeled from an existing classroom, was designed
with various elements to aid stress relief and emotion regulation.

October 8, 2023 – December 16, 2023

Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room
Demolition of the Existing Classroom
Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room
Installation of Dry Walls, Sanding (Surface Smoothing)
Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room
Painting, Installation of LED Panels
Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room
Installation of Lighting Frames
Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room
Flooring and Molding Work
Promoting Mental Well-Being in the Calming Room
Installation of Ventilation, Decoration of Pillars

WeLoveU members dedicated more than 420 hours
over the 10-week course to create the Calming Room.
They adorned the space with soothing blue hues, warm lighting,
and potted plants, while providing comfortable seating and exercise equipment.
They’ve also stocked beverages and headphones so that students can relax at any time.

Calming Room for Emotional Stability

On February 29, a grand opening ceremony for the Calming Room
was held at University High School. Attendees included the principal, teachers,
WeLoveU members, representatives from the design company HDR, and officials
from the nonprofit organization Vivacity Tech, who sponsored the project.

During the opening ceremony speech, Roger Leon, Newark Board of Education Superintendent, emphasized the importance of emotional stability for both students and teachers.

Flournoy-Hamilton, Principal of University High School

“The importance of social and emotional care for students has become even greater after COVID-19. We’ve longed for a comfortable and stable space in our school. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to making this possible.”

Flournoy-Hamilton, Principal of University High School

Lawren Monroe, Social Worker at University High School

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how this new initiative will impact our students. The truth is, many students carry various social and emotional issues, and it’s our duty to support them. The Calming Room will provide students with a great opportunity to take care of their mental health and focus on emotional stability.”

Lawren Monroe, Social Worker at University High School

On this day, WeLoveU commemorated the opening of the Calming Room
by donating 40 laptops to the school. Members hoped that students
would grow emotionally healthy through the use of the Calming Room.

A Clean Environment Improves the Quality of Life for Our Neighbors

Do you know the “Broken Windows Theory”?
It suggests that if a broken window is left unrepaired,
crime will spread around that area,
demonstrating that neglecting minor issues can lead to bigger problems.

A park in Philadelphia, U.S., before the Clean WORLD Movement was conducted.

This park was probably clean and beautiful when it was first created.
However, as more and more trash was left unattended, it became what it is today.

To create a clean and safe local environment by removing neglected trash,
WeLoveU launched the Clean WORLD Movement welcoming the New Year.

In January and February, over 500 WeLoveU members cleaned streets, parks, and beaches
in Hong Kong, the United States, Peru, and Australia, collecting over 6 metric tons of trash.

January 14

Mckinley St and Large St in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.
Little Palm Beach in Sai Kung District, Hong Kong

February 22

Camineros Empleados Village in Yura, Arequipa, Peru

February 25

Waratah South Reserve in Melbourne, Australia
Around the Puente Acho in Lima, Peru

Theresa, WeLoveU Member From Australia

“I invited my cousin from Brisbane to join the Clean WORLD Movement. I am really happy to participate with my children and my cousin Alex, and it feels great to do something for the community.”

Theresa, WeLoveU Member From Australia

A clean environment helps reduce stress and prevent crime.

Through the ongoing Clean WORLD Movement, WeLoveU aims to improve
the quality of life for our neighbors and create a beautiful and healthy society.

A Cozy Home, the Beginning of a Happy Life

On January 31, WeLoveU provided seven families in Ulaanbaatar with gers 1
through the Mongolian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.
The delivery ceremony was held at the Culture Center in Bayanzurkh District
in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. A large ger set up on stage welcomed the attendees.

1 A ger is a traditional Mongolian portable house made of wood frames
covered with fabric, known for their ease of assembly and disassembly.

Mongolia has long and extremely cold winters, and neighbors without homes face significant difficulties due to recent increases in living costs and housing expenses.
WeLoveU prepared materials for ger installation and heating equipment
for the neighbors who had a hard time during the cold winter.

Neighbors dressed in traditional attire called “deel” attended the ceremony.
They had a joyful time, enjoying the performance of a traditional
Mongolian string instrument, morin khuur.

Officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
and community leaders who attended the event, greatly appreciated
WeLoveU’s support for housing stability of the underprivileged.

Ts.Uurtsaikh, Head of Department of Child & Family Development Protection in Bayanzurkh District

“I am very pleased with WeLoveU led by Zahng Gil-jah, who helps neighbors in need.
Your heartfelt support will be of great help to our neighbors in need.”

Ts.Uurtsaikh, Head of Department of Child & Family Development Protection in Bayanzurkh District

Setting Up a Cozy Ger With WeLoveU Members

On February 1, WeLoveU members helped neighbors set up their gers.
Despite the bitterly cold weather with frosty breaths, they worked diligently,
thinking of their neighbors who would soon enjoy warmth inside their gers.

1. Material preparation: frame, door, insulation material, heating equipment, flooring, chimney, etc.
2. Laying the flooring
3. Setting up the frame
4. Insulating
5. Windproofing
6. Completion

Neighbors who received cozy homes expressed great joy and gratitude to WeLoveU.

Erdenetsetseg, Beneficiary

“We are truly thankful and happy that you provided a good home to us, enabling us to live a happy life. We wish all of WeLoveU members success in achieving their own goals.”

Erdenetsetseg, Beneficiary

WeLoveU members responded that they were happy and joyful to be able
to deliver a mother’s love. Even though their bodies were tired,
the neighbors’ bright smiles gave them strength.

“I realized the joy of sharing and giving through this event. I hope our neighbors will spend a warm and cozy winter in their new gers, enjoying happy times with their family members.”

Kim Yul-san, Head of WeLoveU Mongolia Chapter

“Mongolian New Year approaches. I’m really happy that our neighbors have places where their family members can gather together. I wish them wonderful New Year in the traditional ger.”

WeLoveU Member

WeLoveU supports happy lives of neighbors worldwide
through various residential improvement activities.

End the Year Meaningfully by Volunteering

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, led by Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah,
concluded the year meaningfully by conducting the Clean WORLD Movement
and blood drives in November and December.

They cleaned streets, parks, and other locations in Rep. of Korea, the United States,
Peru, Nepal, India, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, sharing the warmth of love
of a mother with neighbors through blood donations to save lives.

Clean WORLD Movement (11 times)
Number of Participants
1,763 people
Amount of Trash Collected
12,411 kg (27,362 lbs)
Blood Drives
(6 times)
Number of Participants
519 people
Number of Blood Donors
375 people

Scenes of ‘Love Your Neighbors’ Through Photos

“I’m delighted to receive WeLoveU’s support and encouragement.
Thanks to all of you who have volunteered diligently, we have
achieved so much. I sincerely thank each and every one of you.”

Emily Surmont, Spokesperson of the Indian River Lagoon Aquatic Preserves in Titusville, FL, U.S.

WeLoveU consistently carries out the Clean WORLD Movement
and Blood Drive in various locations, aiming to preserve the global environment
and protect the precious lives of our global family.