The prestige of the global organization embracing the earth and mankind, has been established

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has been acknowledged as an NGO associated with the UN Department of Global Communications [DGC]. The UN Committee on NGO has given the acknowledgement to the WeLoveU for its excellent performance, during the NGO partnership review meeting on December 20, 2018.

The UN DGC is an organization established in 1946 to promote various goals and activities that the UN pursues. Two times each year, it receives applications for NGO registration and convenes a judging committee to grant the status of association with the UN DGC to NGOs, who have been active for at least two years, in consideration of cooperation experience with the UN organizations and evaluations both at home and abroad. So far, 1,450 organizations have been acknowledged as NGOs associated with the UN DGC through rigorous examination procedures. The UN DGC helps NGOs implement activities that support the UN goals.

NGOs associated with the UN DGC can participate in the UN-hosted programs and collaborate with the UN centers in each country around the world. And every year, selected organizations receive a pass [grounds pass] to get inside the UN headquarters. They are eligible to attend all meetings held at the UN, and have access to various materials, activities, and events related to the UN.

The WeLoveU has carried out multifaceted services transcending borders and cultures. With the heart of a mother, it supported the global village families in difficulties due to climate changes, disasters, poverty, and diseases. In the previous year, it held 1,600th \Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement, and 157th blood drive to preserve the environment and save lives, as part of WeLoveU campaigns.

Also, locally customized emergency relief, centered on the WeLoveU branches in more than 50 countries, was welcomed by governments and municipalities of many different countries and international organizations. This led to an international partnership. These actions are in line with the values that the UN is seeking and have been evaluated as helping implement the SDGs, including the ending of poverty and hunger, improvement in welfare system, education, water and sanitation, environmental conservation, and activation of global partnerships.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, which has established its prestige as a global NGO after being associated with UN DGC, now has the platform to carry out volunteer services for global neighbors more actively in partnership with the UN. Furthermore, it hopes to raise public awareness about global issues mankind is faced with, and find ways to deal with them.