Save Life With the Power of Family Love

On a mild day of spring, the New Life Welfare Foundation held the 2nd New Life Family Walkathon. After the 1st walkathon held in 2002, this second walkathon was co-hosted by the Save the Children Korea and supported by several companies.

Personages of various social standings attended the walkathon: Millenium Democratic Party Representative Jeong Dae-cheol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bucheon Sejong General Hospital Park Yeong-gwan, CEO of Nestle Korea Lee Sam-hui, Director of Allianz Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Travel Dalziel, Representative Director of Save the Children Korea Lee Sang-dae, Principal of Korea Youth Counseling Institute Yi Bae-keun, Actress Kim Chang-suk the Sponsor Chairman of Save the Children Korea and so on.

Over 10,000 New Life Foundation members gathered to save life with the power of family love. The donations collected this day were all used to help children with heart disease and neighbors in need..

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah announced the opening of the walkathon with a congratulatory message, saying, “I’m pleased to see the New Life Family Walkathon contributing to saving life and strengthening unity between family members. I think the greatest power in this world is love.”

She also emphasized the value of life, saying, “In this age, we need to share more love with our family and with our neighbors. That’s why we set the slogan, ‘Save Life With the Power of Family Love.’ I’m sure your abundant love will shine the light of hope in the dark.”

The members might have been tired from the 4 km course, but they were all smile throughout the walkathon at the thought that they could save others’ life and strengthened their family unity.

After the walkathon, various performances were presented to celebrate the upcoming Children’s Day (May 5) and to record a video for KBS children’s program, “Into the World of Children’s Song.” Besides, popular singers including the group “Baby Vox” celebrated the walkathon with their passionate songs.