Due to the climate change, the average temperature of Mongolia increased by 2 degrees Celsius for less than a century. The Mongolian President Ukhnaa, Khürelsükh promised to plant one billion trees to stop desertification in Mongolia at the 76th UN keynote speech.


It is a deciduous conifer tree in the family Pinaceae growing from 20 to 45 meters (65 to 150 ft) tall with a trunk up to 1 meter in circumference. It grows well even in dry ground.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “WeLoveU”) donated larch seedlings and planted them to support the efforts that the Mongolian government was making to respond to desertification. On October 20, about 40 members from the WeLoveU gathered at the tree nursery under the office of the mayor of Ulaanbaatar. Wearing thick jackets and warm hats in a windy weather, they began to plant the trees.

First, the city hall staff plowed the ground where the trees would be planted, and the WeLoveU members dug the ground and planted the young trees.

On that day, 285 nursery trees were planted, and the remaining 215 trees would be planted soon.

“I’m really grateful that the young adults participated in the national project of planting 10 billion trees.”

Davaasuren, the representative of the partner company (providing nursery trees) with the city hall

In the tree nursery where larch seedlings were planted, a monument was installed to commemorate this day. Hoping that the young trees would grow well, the members shouted, “We love you!”

Once the nursery trees grow up well, they will be moved to parts of the city for landscaping and reducing air pollution. Even though they are young right now, we hope that they will grow big and healthy to provide a resting place for people and to help preserve beautiful nature.

The WeLoveU chapters throughout the world will actively participate in planting trees to preserve the natural environment of each region and restore the ecosystem.