Low hills and wide grasslands. This picturesque scenery is of Ambury Regional Park
in Mangere Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand. Who are the people that look busy
in the park’s wilderness? They are the members from WeLoveU, who are planting trees.

Ambury Regional Park is a well-preserved natural environment, home to numerous wild animals and native plants, and a destination for migratory birds. Walking trails and bicycle paths have been made, so people passing by can enjoy this beautiful nature.

On June 11, WeLoveU members planted trees in this park at the request of Auckland Municipality to make nature more beautiful. A total of 370 people, including WeLoveU members and municipal officers gathered to plant 2,500 trees in the wasteland.

The members’ faces were filled with smiles despite the arduous work of cutting through dry grass, digging hard ground with shovels, and planting seedlings.
Local government officials unanimously praised the members who volunteered joyfully
and hoped that the tree-planting project would continue with WeLoveU.

Aupito William Sio, New Zealand Parliament Member

“Thank you to all the volunteers of WeLoveU. In particular, I would like to praise the leadership of Chairman Zahng Gil-jah, who continues to lead us to do good work by planting trees, cleaning, and protecting the local community as well as the international community. We must do everything we can to protect our one and only world: humanity and our planet.”

Aupito William Sio, New Zealand Parliament Member

From large and small animals and plants to people, nature is where countless living creatures depend on one another. Taking care of and protecting the natural environment is what protects the lives of all of us.


WeLoveU planted 2,500 trees of four species, including cabbage palm,
New Zealand flax, and sedge grass, in the Ambury Regional Park.

This event was held as part of the Mom’s Garden Project of WeLoveU, which involves
planting trees to preserve the natural environment and restore the ecosystems.