Environmental Protection

A clean environment is a fundamental basis for the well-being of humanity. Global warming, climate change, and environmental contamination cause sea level rise, greenhouse gas emission, environmental disasters, and so on, putting a peaceful life and harmonious coexistence between humans and nature in danger. Through the Clean WORLD Movement, an environmental initiative, the WeLoveU cleans up polluted cities, parks, mountains, rivers, and seas, while conducting environmental protection campaigns, educational programs and seminars, etc.

3월 17일 국제위러브유운동본부 미국 동부지역 회원 30여 명이 일찍부터 노스캐롤라이나주 샬럿의 맥알파인 크리크 공원에 모여 식품 포장지, 플라스틱병, 전신주 등 갖가지 폐기물을 모아 가득 채운 쓰레기 봉투 30개.

Clean WORLD Movement in Charlotte, the U.S. (McAlpine Creek Park)

Cleaning up the environment is essential to a happy life

미얀마 양곤 지부 회원들이 지구를 보호하는 국제위러브유의 전 세계 클린월드운동을 진행하기 위해 오전 7시에  모여 차를 타고 출발하는 모습

Clean WORLD Movement Is Carried out Even in Yangon, Myanmar

Taking the First Step in Making a Happy Future and a Clean Environment

11월 22일, 가천컨벤션센터에서 열린 2018 국제위러브유 대학생 환경리더 위촉식에 모인 장길자 회장님과 이사진 및 국내외 대학생 환경리더들

Appointment Ceremony of WeLoveU University Student Environmental Leaders 2018

14 overseas university students, who displayed outstanding environmental activities, are appointed as Environmental Leaders and awarded environmental scholarships

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Honored with the Green Apple Award

Honored with the prestigious international environmental award for its contribution to environmental preservation through the Clean WORLD Movement

Clean World Movement in Step with UN SDGs in Lima, Peru

Collecting 1,000 kg of trash from San Martín St. to Entre Ríos St.