Environmental Protection

A clean environment is a fundamental basis for the well-being of humanity. Global warming, climate change, and environmental contamination cause sea level rise, greenhouse gas emission, environmental disasters, and so on, putting a peaceful life and harmonious coexistence between humans and nature in danger. Through the Clean WORLD Movement, an environmental initiative, the WeLoveU cleans up polluted cities, parks, mountains, rivers, and seas, while conducting environmental protection campaigns, educational programs and seminars, etc.

A Clean Environment Improves the Quality of Life for Our Neighbors

Clean WORLD Movement in Hong Kong, the U.S., Peru, and Australia to Welcome the New Year

End the Year Meaningfully by Volunteering

Clean WORLD Movement and Blood Drive in Seven Countries

Make the Park Beautiful by Planting Trees

Planting 200 Saplings in Pezzutti Park Located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

WeLoveU Participates in the Interregional Preparatory Meeting for All SIDS in Cabo Verde

Following the Meeting with the President and First Lady of Cabo Verde, WeLoveU Proceeds with Initiatives in Education Support and the Clean World Movement

Clean WORLD Movement 2023

Cleanups in 20 Countries to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Beautiful Natural Environment to Enjoy Together

2,500 Tree Seedlings Planted in Ambury Regional Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Making the World Greener

Planting 14,369 Trees in Forests and Parks Around the World

Mom’s Garden & Clean WORLD Movement in Hualmay, Lima, Peru

Cleaning Hualmay Avenue and Planting Tree Seedlings

Climbing the Stairs Brings a Pleasant Change

‘Stairs Day Challenge’ for the Earth

Preserving World Heritage Sites Through Urban Environment Improvement Project

Cleanup and Removing Graffiti in the Main Streets of Valparaiso, Chile

Bring Out the Unused Tumblers and Mugs

Bring Your Own Cup Challenge [BYOC]:
Using Re-Usable Cups Instead of Disposable Ones

Clean Local Communities Through the Clean WORLD Movement

U.S. Members Continuously Carry Out the Clean WORLD Movement
by Cooperating with Local Governments and Companies

Support for “Planting One Billion Trees” to Prevent Desertification in Mongolia

Donation and planting of 500 trees in the tree nursery
under the office of the mayor of Ulaanbaatar

Let’s Be Brave for the Earth

"BeBRAVE" Challenge to Reduce Plastic in Everyday Life

Transformation of Waste, Plastic Upcycling Challenge

Making Artwork by Putting Ideas and Designs to Plastic Waste

Clean WORLD Movement 2022

Raises citizens’ environmental awareness and cleans local communities

‘Plogging’ Challenge With the Love for Earth

- WeLoveU and Monthly Woman Dong-A carry out the environmental campaign during the family month -

Let’s Turn Off Standby Power by Unplugging

Pull the Plug Challenge for the Earth Day

Preserve the Ecological Environment of the Beolgyo Tidal Flat

- Plant 2,500 hydrangea saplings alongside Jungdo embankment to create a "Mother Road" -

“Learn How to Segregate Your Waste”

- “Recycling” challenge at home and at work -

“Walk & Ride” Challenge for the Earth

- The second story of the WeLoveU's 'Clean Action' campaign in daily life -

Spread Seeds of Happiness by Cleaning the Yudeungcheon Stream

Cleaning From Samcheon Bridge to Suchim Bridge
by Participating in ‘Happy Dandelion Puffs Project’ in Daejeon