Environmental Protection

A clean environment is a fundamental basis for the well-being of humanity. Global warming, climate change, and environmental contamination cause sea level rise, greenhouse gas emission, environmental disasters, and so on, putting a peaceful life and harmonious coexistence between humans and nature in danger. Through the Clean WORLD Movement, an environmental initiative, the WeLoveU cleans up polluted cities, parks, mountains, rivers, and seas, while conducting environmental protection campaigns, educational programs and seminars, etc.

Clean World Movement in Step with UN SDGs in Lima, Peru

Collecting 1,000 kg of trash from San Martín St. to Entre Ríos St.

2017 Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement for Climate Change

13,000 people participate in 152 regions around the world

Clean WORLD Movement in Tuvalu

Water tanks of 200,000ℓ(1,259bbl) were donated to Funafuti, and environmental awareness was raised through the Clean WORLD Movement.