Valparaiso, Chile, has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
because of its beautiful natural environment and rich history.

This site includes a house of Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize
in Literature, and many beautiful murals painted by artists.
Many people visit this city to see their cultural heritage and works of art.

Recently, however, dark colored paintings and graffiti on the exterior walls
of buildings have increased, and people litter everywhere,
which made the bright and lively atmosphere of the street gloomy.

The WeLoveU carried out an urban environment improvement project in cooperation with the Valparaiso Municipality to revive the romantic street where culture and art are prevalent. On December 17, around 220 members from various places, including Valparaiso, Santiago, and La Florida, gathered for a cleanup on the streets of Marquez, Cochrane, and Bustamante.

They painted over graffiti and pictures to clean the exterior walls, and cleaned up litters on the streets, making the downtown become a pleasant and clean area.

The members were happy to see the streets revitalized
and to help preserve the World Heritage Site beautified.

Jorge Sharp Fajardo, Mayor of Valparaiso

“The relationship with the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation is very important to us. The WeLoveU’s volunteer service contributes to the cultural change and development that we want to bring about in Valparaiso, a pleasant and harmonious place with beautiful natural heritage. We appreciate the worldwide leadership of Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah. I would like to express my great respect for the Chairwoman’s work. I thank her once again for her volunteer service and leadership.”

Jorge Sharp Fajardo, Mayor of Valparaiso

The members shouted “We love you” out loud at the end of the volunteer service, wanting local residents and tourists to feel the beauty of the city in the clean streets. They also hoped that the precious cultural heritage will be preserved well.