Green Future of Earth Created by Young Adults

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the WeLoveU), which has made efforts to preserve the environment for the sustainable well-being of future generations, appointed university students from 35 countries as environmental protectors.

On July 12, 9 AM, the “Appointment Ceremony of WeLoveU University Student Environmental Leaders 2023” was held in the WeLoveU Pangyo Chapter, Seongnam, Korea. WeLoveU officials, including Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and Chief Director Lee Kang-min, and about 500 university students from overseas as well as Korea attended the event.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah encouraged the student environmental leaders by saying, “Now climate change is a global issue. Saving the earth’s environment is the same as saving people living on the earth. When we just stand still, where we stand is just a ground, but when we begin to walk, it becomes a path. We cannot expect any change on the path of protecting the earth’s environment without doing anything, but if we walk this path together and eight billion people, too, walk with us, it will be a great path.” As Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah inspired to walk this path together, the students gave a big round of applause to express that they were with her.

This appointment ceremony was to train future leaders who can cope with the rapid climate change. The Clean WORLD Movement is an environmental campaign that WeLoveU members around the world regularly practice; the Clean Action Challenge is to reduce carbon emissions and protect the earth through a monthly challenge; and the Mom’s Garden Project is to take care of forests. All these efforts aim to improve human well-being through environmental preservation.

On that day, 167 university students, who had been making efforts for the environment and volunteer services through their clubs in 35 countries, were selected as the WeLoveU university student environmental leaders.

Brandon Ramos (from Franz Tamayo University, Bolivia), who received the letter of appointment, said, “As the president of an environmental club, I regularly clean the campus, plant trees and take care of them. It is amazing and surprising to see university students from all over the world working together as environmental leaders. I will actively encourage my classmates to participate in protecting the earth.” Natalia Mulko (from University of Vienna, Austria) said, “In Austria, environmental cleanup is a paid job, so few people do it voluntarily. WeLoveU is setting a good example. I’m proud and honored to be appointed as an environmental leader representing Austria.”

Yoo Tae-wook (from Kyungbook National University, Korea) said, “Recently, I’ve felt that we have much to do for the environment while collecting plastic waste and garbage in the Keumho River. I’m always moved to see Chairwoman set a good example in a humble manner. Following her example, I’ll help the environment preserved and make change for the earth.”