No Poverty & Zero Hunger

Despite extensive global industrial development, many people still struggle with poverty and hunger. In order to ensure a sustainable improvement of the quality of life, especially of people living in deprived areas whose lives are challenged by poverty, WeLoveU offers various supports ranging from foods to daily necessities, winter items, heating supplies, sanitation facilities and living expenses to help them create a basis for self-supporting livelihoods. We also support displaced people who lost their homes and have their livelihoods damaged due to natural disasters, calamities and civil unrest by offering living condition improvement and psychological recovery services, etc.

Delivering Local Gift Cards for Helping Forest Fire Victims in Gangwon-do

Wishing them to get back to their daily life ... conveying comfort and warmth in the end of the year

Provision of Relief Goods to Typhoon Victims in Samcheok, Uljin, and Yeongdeok

Blankets, rice, groceries, and daily necessities for their warm winter

Helping Dam Collapse Victims in Laos

Comfort through the free meal service camp, smile through the WeLoveU School

Flood Recovery Efforts in Kerala, India

Emergency recovery area and food aid for 2 weeks.

Free Meals and Relief Funds for Earthquake Victims in Pohang, Korea

‘Mother’s homemade food’ and consolation with warm smiles

Donation of Relief Goods for Earthquake Sufferers in Ecuador

Hoping they overcome the disaster, neighbors from the opposite side of the earth send encouragement

Peace and Comfort to Heal the Wounded Island

Donation ceremony for the low-income households in Yeonpyeongdo Island

“Delivery of Coal Briquettes for Neighbors in Need 2010”

Mother’s love delivered to the Nokcheon Town

Living Angels

A plaque of gratitude was granted at the luncheon for volunteers

“Let’s Make a Warm Winter Together”

The Foundation comforted senior citizens living alone in Yeongdong-gun