At the relief goods delivery ceremony for flood victims in Cape Town, South Africa,
two children came on stage and presented a heartfelt thank-you letter
they had prepared for the Chapter Director of WeLoveU.
Though brief, the letter filled with sincerity deeply moved the members.

Thank You Letter From Children

Thank you for everything you have done for our family.
(Handwritten part)

Certificate of Appreciation From Community

Thank you for your valuable contribution towards the flood victims.

Late last September, heavy rains turned Cape Town into a vast waterlogged area.
Many buildings were flooded, over 80 roads were closed,
and incidents of building collapses and power outages occurred.

WeLoveU collaborated with Cape Town Municipality to launch emergency relief efforts.
They decided to assist flood victims in the severely affected areas of Sir Lowry’s Pass and Macassar, visiting these regions to assess the situation.

Despite receiving food supplies from the government and various organizations,
the flood victims faced significant challenges due to the lack of cooking equipment.

On January 18, WeLoveU delivered relief supplies, including gas stoves and gas canisters, to 69 flood-affected families at the community centers in Sir Lowry’s Pass and Macassar.

Supporting 47 families in Sir Lowry's Pass
Supporting 22 families in Macassar

Onele Ndesi, DRM, Disaster Risk Management Officer at City of Cape Town (East)

“We’re deeply grateful for WeLoveU’s donation.
On behalf of the city, I want to extend our thanks once again to the Foundation for helping our community recover swiftly.”

Onele Ndesi, DRM, Disaster Risk Management Officer at City of Cape Town (East)

Elzane de Bryun, Flood Victim

“Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to provide this help to us, who have lost everything.”

Elzane de Bryun, Flood Victim

WeLoveU will continue to provide necessary support to help neighbors
facing unexpected disasters recover quickly and return to their daily lives.