June 14 is World Blood Donor Day. Many countries are carrying out various activities
to encourage more people to participate in voluntary blood donation.
They recognize the contribution of blood donors with awards
and also hold blood donation campaigns.

Why is the world putting so much effort into donating blood?
This is because blood donation is the way to share precious life.

1 personneeds blood transfusion every 2 seconds.
38,000people need to donate bloodevery day.

Even with excellent doctors and surgical equipment, if there is not enough blood,
it is impossible to save a life. Blood cannot be replaced by any other substance.
Therefore, donating blood is the most valuable act of love and sharing life with others.

Blood Donation Filled With Joy and Happiness


In celebration of World Blood Donor Day, WeLoveU members who practice Mother’s love
around the world participated in the blood drive to solve the blood supply shortages
in hospitals, and deliver hope to patients. From June 14 to September 4,
over 14,000 people from 27 countries participated in the blood drives and over
5,800 people successfully donated blood, reviving the embers of many dying lives.

578th Worldwide Blood Drive (Pakistan)
579th Worldwide Blood Drive (Zimbabwe)
582nd Worldwide Blood Drive (Cambodia)
584th Worldwide Blood Drive (U.S.)
585th Worldwide Blood Drive (Korea)
587th Worldwide Blood Drive (Colombia)
591st Worldwide Blood Drive (Peru)
592nd Worldwide Blood Drive (Brazil)
601st Worldwide Blood Drive (Philippines)
605th Worldwide Blood Drive (Myanmar)
625th Worldwide Blood Drive (Argentina)
650th Worldwide Blood Drive (Chile)

Blood Donation Without Expecting Anything in Return

Local governments and organizations who participated in the blood drive
along with WeLoveU members expressed their gratitude to the members
who voluntarily donated blood for neighbors in need.

Mongolia: Certificate of Appreciation from National Center for Transfusion Research and Mongolian Red Cross Society
Brazil: Certificate of Appreciation from Blood Donation Center in Brasília
Ecuador: Certificate of Appreciation from Ecuadorian Red Cross
Philippines: Certificate of Appreciation from the Philippine Red Cross

Lim Heng, Deputy Director of the Hospital, Siem Reap Provincial Referral Hospital, Cambodia

“I’m very happy and pleased with WeLoveU’s blood drive. Thank you for your kind-hearted help for the health of Cambodian people and the treatment of patients. This grace cannot be expressed with words. The name WeLoveU immediately conveys the intention to provide help to hospitals and patients. We will deliver the precious and good grace of the members to patients who need blood.”

Lim Heng, Deputy Director of the Hospital, Siem Reap Provincial Referral Hospital, Cambodia

Kwak Yun-hui, Council Member of Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

“Thank you very much for inviting me to the Blood Drive. I also had five heart surgeries. I received blood transfusion each time. I cried and laughed together with the blood donors. I will do my best to support the blood drive until the end.

Kwak Yun-hui, Council Member of Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

Aida Carriaga, Blood Program Coordinator of the Department of Health, Quezon City, the Philippines

“As I manage blood at City Hall, I know how much impact donating blood has on the community. Today’s event will be of great help to the community. It was my first time attending and sponsoring a WeLoveU event. I was very surprised by the systematic and organized activities of the members. You are the world’s unknown heroes.”

Aida Carriaga, Blood Program Coordinator of the Department of Health, Quezon City, the Philippines

Sharing Blood Doubles the Joy!

Members who participated in the Blood Drive expressed their happiness
for being able to share their life with their neighbors.

After donating blood last time, my body felt lighter and food tasted better, so I came to donate blood again. This is the third time this year.
Kim Hyeong-il (Korea)

Being able to save a life through voluntary blood donation gives me a special happiness. The fact that we can share blood means we are healthy.
Perrie May Abulencia Berroya (Philippines)

I’ve realized how important it is to practice love for neighbors by donating blood. I hope that many people will participate in the WeLoveU blood donation campaign.
Wesley Gomes (Brazil)

The fact that one person’s blood can save the lives of many people makes my heart warmer than the hot weather. I hope that blood will be delivered to those who are sick and put to good use in saving lives.
Min Suk-kyung (Korea)

WeLoveU will continue to spread the Blood Drive
to protect and care for the lives of our neighbors around the world.

Let’s practice love for neighbors through the WeLoveU Blood Drive!