This is Muisne Health Center [Type C] in Esmeraldas, Ecuador.
Supported by the government, they provide free medical treatment to people in need.

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, however, as the government was faced with financial challenges, there were setbacks in the supply of medical supplies and medicines to health centers, so it became difficult to support people with severe disabilities and elderly people, and essential items for daily life of patients were not supplied for years.

On June 22, WeLoveU members from Esmeraldas visited Muisne Health Center,
bringing nursing supplies for eleven patients who needed help urgently.
The members received a warm welcome from the medical staff, patients, and their families. They explained how to use the nursing supplies to the patients’ families in detail.

After the delivery ceremony, the members visited the home of a patient
in order to deliver a nursing supply to him,
because he was not able to attend the delivery ceremony due to his illness.
The patient expressed his gratitude with a bright smile.

“I always thought I was alone. I’m so happy to receive help. Thank you.”

The members responded with cheers, wishing for his speedy recovery.

Bladimir Cedeño Olarte, Director of Muisne Health Center

“I would like to thank Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the members for donating nursing supplies to our health center. We warmly welcome all of you for coming for the patients with disabilities who need help and are financially challenged. As the director of the health center, I would like to sincerely thank you once again for your great help.”

Bladimir Cedeño Olarte, Director of Muisne Health Center

Freddy Mera Puertas, Administrative Manager of the City of Muisne

“Today, I participated in the nursing supplies delivery ceremony at Muisne Health Center. By working together, we can improve the quality of life of the residents of Muisne.”

Freddy Mera Puertas, Administrative Manager of the City of Muisne

WeLoveU will continue to deliver hope to underprivileged people with customized medical support.

“Everyone, stay healthy. WeLoveU will be with you.”


On June 22, WeLoveU members in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, visited the Muisne Health Center and donated five bath chairs, five commode chairs, and one anti bedsore mattress to 11 people with disabilities and elderly patients.