Donating blood to share life with others is noble.

In early 2023, the WeLoveU members around the world
launched massive blood drives for neighbors who need blood transfusions.

From January 25 to March 6, the WeLoveU held more than 110 blood drives in 33 countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Benin, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Chile, the United States, and Rep. of Korea to deliver a mother’s love.
Approximately 20,000 WeLoveU members and citizens participated,
and about 8,000 of them made a miracle of saving more than 24,000 lives.
(One person’s blood donation can save three lives. )

At the time when blood supply is rapidly declining, people from the Red Cross,
blood donation centers, and hospitals, and even the heads of local governments
expressed their gratitude to the WeLoveU.

How Can I Participate in the Worldwide Blood Drive?


Signing up the support pledge for worldwide blood drive


Taking care of health


Filling out the health screening survey and blood test


Blood collection

Members visited the WeLoveU website before the blood drive day
and made a pledge to take part in the Worldwide Blood Drive.
They promised to become responsible citizens who share life
by donating blood once a year and cooperating in forming a life-saving network.
Moreover, in order to donate healthy blood, they took care of their health
through healthy diets and exercise. The members who successfully donated blood
rejoiced, saying that a small practice had a great result in saving others’ lives.

Blood donation greatly helps save the lives of others. It was such a great thing to do, so I was happy to participate.
Nakamura Tomomi from Osaka, Japan

I worked out hard and enhanced my physical strength to donate blood. I’m so happy to hear that blood is used for a good cause.
Go Yun-ju from Gunsan, Korea

Saving lives is very important. I hope people from all over the world will join us.
Marlon from Brasília, Brazil

I participated in the campaign to help people in need of blood transfusions. I was very excited and happy to be able to deliver a mother’s love.
Alejandra Vera from Coquimbo, Chile

When my child was young, he was sick. He received blood platelets through the WeLoveU and recovered his health. I realized the importance of blood donation from that time, so I came to donate blood.
Kim Hee-jeong from Seoul, Korea

Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation,the Safest Way to Donate Blood

The World Health Organization states that the safest blood donation
is “voluntary non-remunerated blood donation.”
This is a free-will blood donation without expecting anything in return.
Since they participate with a good heart that values others’ lives,
they try to take care of their health to share healthy blood.
All the blood drives of the WeLoveU is very meaningful because they voluntarily donated blood without receiving any payment for it.

Everybody was excited to participate in a large-scale blood drive
that took place years after COVID-19. In Korea, hundreds of members
who waited for the opportunity to share life in each region participated.
In Quezon City, Philippines, nearly 400 members participated
in the blood driveand many media outlets came to cover the event.

In Taichung, Taiwan, and in New Windsor, New York, U.S., the members explained to people the importance of voluntary non-remunerated blood donation, and promoted their interest and solidarity. As a result, two or three times more citizens than the number of the WeLoveU members participated in the blood drive, creating a beautiful sharing society.

Overflowing Thanksgiving for Life-Sharing

A member from Changwon, Korea, received a Silver Medal of Blood Donation from Korean Red Cross on the day of the blood drive held in the Gyeongnam Chapter, in recognition of his constant blood donation (30 times blood donation) since he was a university student. The member said, “When you have a job and family to take care of, it is not easy to do volunteer services. I think I received this medal since I continued to practice neighborly love and saving lives through the blood donation.”

Many organizations such as the Department of Health of Siem Reap in Cambodia, the Manukau Donor Centre in New Zealand, the Ringwood Red Cross Blood Donor Centre in Australia, and the Hospital Clinico Magallanes in Chile presented the certificates of appreciation to the WeLoveU for their generous donations to save lives.

Blood Donation Is the Best Love for Patients in Need of Blood Transfusion

A panel exhibition, which explains the importance of blood donation, drew the attention of citizens. As the members made known the value of blood donation and resolved the misunderstanding about blood donation, many citizens participated in blood donation right away.

In addition, many members donated their blood donation certificate that they received after donating blood, which enables donors to waive the blood transfusion cost in the future when they need it, hoping that it would be used for those who are urgently in need.

The heads of local governments, blood centers, and hospitals also welcomed the WeLoveU’s large-scale blood drives, and gave thanks to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and the members. They gave the WeLoveU the thumps up for giving hope and strengths to the patients.

I would like to give thanks to the Chairwoman of the WeLoveU and to all the members for carrying out the blood drive in the hospital. This supports all patients who need blood transfusions. At this time when the number of blood donors was decreasing, the WeLoveU helped encourage many people to donate blood.
Rodrigo Cravajal, Director of San Pablo de Coquimbo Banco de Sangre Hospital, Chile

In Brazil, there are few people who donate blood during the Carnival. However, more accidents occur during this period, so the number of people who need blood transfusions increases. We are devising strategies to respond to such emergencies. We thank the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation for carrying out this charitable effort to save lives.
Osnei Okumoto, Director of the Blood Center of Brasilia, Brazil

Blood is precious. All animals rely on blood to sustain their lives. Without blood, life ends. Thank you so much for participating in this precious blood sharing event.
Go WeLoveU Blood Drive!
Shin Hyeon-sang, (Former) Director of School District Office, Jeonju, Korea

Blood is always scarce in winter. Even before COVID-19, the winter season has been always difficult. Currently, we have the amount of blood that may last only three days for blood transfusions. It is a great help since the blood drive was held at the perfect time in cold weather. Thank you.
Moon Won-il, Head of Blood Center, Jeonbuk, Korea

Many people in Cambodia suffer from blood shortages. The WeLoveU members helped us, and we are so happy today. We love you!
Sok Po, Director of National Blood Transfusion Center from Department of Health, Cambodia

The WeLoveU will continue to carry out blood drives with the goal of getting all countries to participate in blood donation, so that life-saving activities will be carried out more safely in the future.