One mind to support the neighbors! Songs of hope!

On December 13, a concert was held at the Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium to deliver new strength to our neighbors exhausted from their tiring lives. It was the 16th New Life Concert, hosted by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation and sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul Metropolitan City, the Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and Sejong General Hospital. It was held to help children with rare or intractable diseases and families marginalized from welfare service.

More than 15,000 WeLoveU Foundation members and citizens came to this concert, and it was also participated by the Foundation officials including Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, Chief Director Lee Kang-min, and Lee Bae-keun the President of the Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and about 20 foreign diplomats such as Raul Hernandez the Philippine Ambassador to Korea, Mohammed Ali Nafti the Tunis Ambassador to Korea, and Mohammad Zulfiqur Rahman the Bangladesh Ambassador to Korea. Many public figures from the fields of politics, education, culture, and art, participated in the concert in agreement with its purpose.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah expressed her appreciation to the audience who gathered with a warm heart for the neighbors, and said, “Our songs of love have become hope, light, and cheer for our tired neighbors to have courage for life. Our songs are making a miracle, giving strength to their sagging shoulders and raising up those who have collapsed.” She also said to the beneficiaries, “We are one family who live in the same house called the Earth. We love you and always support you. So please cheer up with hope and courage.” The foreign diplomats, through their congratulation messages, praised the WeLoveU Foundation for helping underprivileged neighbors, and wished to work together for the peace and happiness of mankind.

children with rare or intractable diseases, senior citizens living alone, teenage heads of households, single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, low-income families, and multicultural families. Donations were also delivered to the families of firefighters who work day and night for the safety of citizens, together with gratitude and encouragement. While the donation certificates and blankets were delivered to the neighbors on the stage, the audience gave a big round of applause.

After the donation delivery ceremony, the second part of the event, the New Life Concert, started with the joyful and cute singing and dancing of the New Life Children’s Choir, and continued with the cheering songs for the hopeful lives of our neighbors. Despite their busy schedules, the singers came to the concert and sang songs of hope with all their heart. The singers who have participated in this concert for many years said, “We’ve waited for this concert ever since we had last year. We come to the New Life Concert to be of help to our neighbors with our talent, but whenever we come, we ourselves receive strength and comfort.”

The New Life Concert also comforted the Foundation members who carried out various volunteer services wholeheartedly, and the neighbors who received their love. The families of the firefighters, whose sons or husbands lost their lives while rescuing others, said gladly, “Thank you for remembering us. It’s our first time being at a concert. It was very fun.” Mrs. Jahng (50) who raises her two sons with intellectual disabilities enjoyed the concert. Mrs. Jahng received donation for their medical expenses at the concert and said, “The New Life Concert will be a great strength to those who are having a hard time. Mrs. Wang (34) from a multicultural family, who had been concerned for her six-year-old child’s pneumonia and his medical expenses, said, “I’m so happy, and truly appreciate their support. I never imagined something like this.” She said she and her children, too, would help others in the future.

While the Foundation members in the audience and the neighbors encouraged and cheered for each other, motioning “We love you,” the year 2015 was ending warmly.