Melodies of Love, Cheering for Happy Lives of 7 Billion People

The words of comfort, “We Love You,” can only come from “us” not “me.” On the threshold of winter which was warm despite the heavy rain of the previous day, people gathered and make their lives beautiful, sharing happiness with neighbors with the shout, “We love you.” On Nov. 26, 2017, the 18th New Life Concert was held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, Korea. It was hosted by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sejong General Hospital, and Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

A long line of participants is formed at the entrance.

Many people from all walks of life participated in this concert, including Chairwoman of the Foundation Zahng Gil-jah, the board members of the Foundation, and President of Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. The participation of diplomatic groups and their families from 18 countries, including Iraqi Ambassador to Korea H.E. Wadee Batti Hanna Al-Batti and Spanish Ambassador to Korea H.E. Gonzalo Ortiz proved that this is a global concert of unity. More than 12,000 members and citizens, who filled even the seats behind the stage, had a touching time, ruminating over the meaning of one global family.

“Our life is short. The important thing is what we fill that short time with. The life to live in harmony with others, sharing things with them, is a beautiful and valuable life. Let’s go forward!”

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah expressed her thanks the honored guests and members for coming to encourage our neighbors who were having hard times; she called the participants beautiful people living valuable lives. As she also announced the WeLoveU Foundation’s immediate support for the Pohang earthquake victims, the members responded with a round of applause. She gave courage and hope to our neighbors suffering hardships, by explaining the purpose of the event, “This concert is to comfort you and encourage you to stand up with the hope of tomorrow.”

Iraqi Ambassador to Korea H.E. Wadee Batti Hanna Al-Batti expressed his support for the Foundation, which helps people with a mother’s love so that their wounds from life could be comforted. Delivering Iraq’s difficult situation due to IS terrors and the news of the Foundation’s immediate support, he emphasized his gratitude for the Foundation again and again. Spanish Ambassador to Korea, H.E. Gonzalo Ortiz delivered a congratulatory message after the Iraqi ambassador, expressing his gratitude for the warm hearts of the members for the whole world, saying, “You’ve changed this world to be a better world and helped people to dream for a better future by giving them a new opportunity.”

At the donation delivery ceremony, a total donation of KRW 220,000,000 (approx. USD 220,000) was promised for educational or public facilities and medical or daily necessity expenses in 11 countries—Gabon, Mozambique, Mexico, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, and Bangladesh, and for the medical or living expenses for 100 disadvantaged households in Korea. An urgent relief fund of KRW 50,000,000 (approx. USD 50,000) is going to be donated for the Pohang earthquake victims. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah handed the aid certificates and gifts to the beneficiaries, held their hands, hugged them, and gave them heartfelt words of encouragement. The members and citizens who were there also wished for the hopeful future of the neighbors with a big round of applause.

The Part 2 of the event began with a performance by the New Life Children’s Choir with innocent smiles. The concert then continued by the announcer Kim Byeong-chan who made waves of laughter in the audience with his witty words. Various kinds of music were performed, embracing different generations: classical music which people are familiar with, emotional songs, and cheerful music, etc.. The light waves along with the beautiful melodies created a grand sight.

Sopranos Park Mi-hye and Han Gyeong-mi, a musical theater actor Kim Ho-yeong, singers Lee Yong, Lee Seung-hun, Kim Jong-hwan, Lia Kim, Yun Tae-gyu, and Kim Je-hun sang love, yearning, hope, and courage on the stage. The singers who held the stage with overwhelming expressiveness, interacting with the audience, expressed their excitement, saying, “Such an enthusiastic and passionate response is not something you get to experience all the time. It was one of the best concerts among the thousands of concerts I’d had.” The singers participated in the concert to donate their talents, even changing their schedule, and sent the messages of encouragement, “Everybody has a hard time in his life. Please don’t lose your hope and stand up again.” The concert, which was even more exciting than any other previous concerts, ended with singing, “We love you,” together. The diplomatic delegations and their families praised the concert by saying, “I’m very impressed by the WeLoveU Foundation’s worldwide activities. It was a fantastic concert of a large scale.”

Jeong Yeong-hun (34, Incheon), a member of the Foundation who came to the concert with his wife said, “These days, people are so busy with their lives that it’s hard to share love. Today, it was good for me to strengthen my love for my family and for my neighbors all the more through this concert. I will keep participating in the WeLoveU Foundation’s events which are for the neighbors in need.” Today, we held the hands that had gotten rough from the tough lives and embraced the hearts that had frozen from the worries of life. This warm memory will be unforgettable for everyone.