The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation held a blood drive in August when the unprecedented heat wave hit the Korean peninsula.

Due to the typhoon coming from the south toward the north, there was a worry about how many people would attend. However, people started to gather before the event started. Even in the worst conditions, the blood drive was held in a bright mood, and 332 people attended it held at the tennis stadium parking lot. As they came more than expected, some of them had to wait in the open air.

There were some impressive stories about some of the donors. A member made sure to take care of his body for a few days before the blood donation. Another member prepared for the event by eating lots of iron. Another member made an effort to get a lot of rest before the blood donation to reduce stress.

The members who donated blood put their blood drive certificates in a small box at a corner where the event was being held, which increased the significance of the life sharing event.

“There is a low blood donation rate because of the low birthrate, but the need of blood supply is growing due to aging. An organization’s holding a blood drive is meaningful and very important. I’m really grateful to the WeLoveU,” said Jeong Seong-nyeo the director of Red Cross in Seoul, Korea.