A happy walk together to deliver the love of a mother to the global family

On a warm day of early winter, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation spent time with the neighbors as it does at the end of every year, singing the song of hope through a concert.

On November 25, the 19th New Life Concert was hosted in Seoul Jamsil Arena by the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation with support from the Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sejong General Hospital, and Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. A couple of hours before the concert started, the WeLoveU members and citizens formed a long line to sing together the 19th melodies of hope.

In the concert, distinguished guests from all walks of life participated, including Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah, Som Ock Kingsada the Vice President of Lao Front National Development, Duberli Rodriguez Tineo the Judge of the Judicial Power of Peru, Yoo Yeon-chul the Ambassador for Climate Change at the Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yi Bae-keun the President of Korea Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. Also, four ambassadors to Korea—H.E. Adel Mohammad ADAILEH the Jordan Ambassador, H.E. Daúl MATUTE-MEJIA the Peruvian Ambassador, H.E. Abida Islam the Bangladeshi Ambassador, and H.E. Khamsouy Keodalavong the Lao Ambassador—and the families of diplomats in Korea from ten other countries too shared love with global neighbors. The arena was filled with 10,000 members and citizens who wanted to end this year meaningfully.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah said, “The Republic of Korea was able to overcome all difficulties and poverty by the help of other countries after the Korean War, and achieved the Miracle on the Han River. So now it is a duty for Koreans to help other countries and find the way to live together. I hope today the songs will cheer our lives, deliver hope to our disadvantaged neighbors, heal and encourage them, help them stand on their feet.” Chairwoman Zahng showed her gratitude by calling the vocalists, the WeLoveU staff and members, ambassadors and diplomats from each country, and all supporters as the “eternal family of the WeLoveU.” Chairwoman Zahng hoped they all would walk together as one family in the new year, too.

H.E. Adaileh the Jordanian Ambassador said in his congratulatory message, “We’re living in a time, where we need more cooperation and collaboration on the international level,” and explained the present situation of Jordan that hosts refugees from many different countries, and showed his respect and impression for the WeLoveU’se Chairwoman and members who provide valuable and practical help for those in need. H.E. Abida Islam the Bangladeshi Ambassador said, “There are lots of refugees who have lost their homes in Bangladeshi due to climate change. At this moment, the WeLoveU has shone the light of hope with their constant support,” and showed her gratitude for the WeLoveU’s disaster relief and recovery efforts, educational support, and other diverse volunteer services.

Lastly, H.E. Keodalavong the Lao Ambassador showed his impression, saying, “I’m happy to meet all of you. You help not only the citizens of your country, but all the global neighbors,” and showed his confidence, saying, “Various humanitarian projects of the WeLoveU closely address the needs of vulnerable populations. I‘m confident that these works and activities of the WeLoveU will greatly contribute to promoting a sustainable harmonious world.”

Next, the fund delivery ceremony was followed. A total of amount of 400 million KRW was offered to help refugees and provide education facilities and public facilities to 20 countries such as Gabon, Rep. of South Africa, Nepal, Laos, Mexico, Mozambique, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, Honduras, Jordan, Ukraine, Iraq, India, Japan, Chile, Cambodia, Peru, Hong Kong China; and to offer medical expenses and living expenses to 200 multicultural families and the households marginalized from welfare in Korea. Chairwoman Zahng delivered sponsorship certificates and gifts to the beneficiaries, and sent a message of warm encouragement, holding their hands. The WeLoveU members and citizens too cheered them, wishing for their hopeful and happy future.

The first part ended with MC Kim Byung-chan’s cheerful progress, and the 2nd part was opened by the Actor Kim Sung-hwan with his witty progress and the bright smiles of the members. First, the New Life Children’s Choir presented big smiles to the audience with their cute dance and music. After that, it continued with performances of Lee Yong, Soprano Park Mi-hye, Kang Min-sung, Lee Seung-hoon, Cha Ji-yeon, Kim Sung-hwan, Kim Jong-hwan, Lia Kim, Yun Tae-kyu, and Jeong Su-ra. The singers, who participated in the event to make sharing meaningful to both benefactors and beneficiaries, sang songs with all their heart about love, family, and hope. While the lights of phones and LED light sticks displayed beautiful scenery followed by the music, the arena was filled with the shouts for hope with one voice.

Singer Cha Ji-yeon, who participated in this concert for the first time this year, showed her expression, saying, “I haven’t known this large audience is listening to us with all their heart and soul. I myself have received more impression. I heard it is already 19th, but why didn’t I know about this? I will come every year.”

Kingsada the Vice President of Lao Front National Development showed his will to work with the WeLoveU, saying, “The Lao government and people are greatly impressed by the WeLoveU’s volunteer services for the dam collapse at XeNamnoy. I’ve never heard about volunteer services like that before. I’m thankful for giving hope to Lao people in despair.” He also encouraged the WeLoveU members, saying, “Don’t we all need a mother? It is good to see you doing volunteer services with the heart of a mother. I hope that you will continue to help many people with warm hearts.”

Lee Baek-woo (46), who came to the concert with his family every year, said, “The global volunteer services of the WeLoveU gives practical help to those who are really in need. It is not just for show. I’m very proud to be a member. I think my son, who’s come to his concert with me, will grow up as a person who knows how to share and take care of others. I will come to this concert every year.” Mr. Choi who received living expense through this concert gave thanks, saying, “I’d never gone to a concert because of my busy life. Today, I was so happy and touched. I was deeply moved especially when the Chairwoman said, ‘Be always healthy and take care.’ ”

After the concert, there were bright smiles on all the faces of the WeLoveU members, the singers, the beneficiaries, and the diplomats. The WeLoveU will continue to walk happily together to embrace the global neighbors through volunteer services.