The members of Daegu branch relieve a farmer from anxiety by helping him harvest red peppers

About 30 WeLoveU memebers of Daegu region visited Jeong Hee-ok (67 years old), an owner of a farm located in Sanhap 2-ri, Homyeong-yeon, Yecheon-gun, Gyeongbuk to offer helping hands.
Hearing about the farmer who was not managing to pick red peppers at the right time because of short of workers, the members decided to help him pick the red peppers to relieve him from anxiety.

The owner of the farm and his wife thanked the members, and told them how anxious they had been, saying, “A provincial government building is going to be built in this area, so this year is going to be our last year to harvest crops. But we couldn’t harvest red peppers. We just had to watch the peppers rotting away because of a heavy rain.”

While it was drizzling, the members erected the poles fallen by the rain, in the red pepper field of about 3,300㎡ [4,000 yd²] and picked the red peppers.
The members said, “Seeing the peppers which went bad because they were not picked at the right time, we could feel how worried they must have been. We will do our best to do volunteer services to relieve our neighbors from anxiety and give them joy.”