533 children from WeLoveU member families displayed their talents in an environmental
art competition, the 1st Global Children’s Environmental Art Competition
organized by the media company Chosun News Press.
The competition was conducted online from November 1 to 12.

The artworks beautifully encapsulated children’s thoughts and concerns
about the environment and nature. What does the Earth look like
in the eyes of children? Let’s explore in the drawings.

🎨 I Like Fresh and Beautiful Nature 🎨

We Are Happy in a Clean Earth
Choi Jun-woo, 12 years old, Rep. of Korea

“The animals welcome us
as we keep the Earth clean.”

Happy Baby Owl
Elena Marrero, 6 years old, U.S.

“I like a world where owls peacefully
perch and enjoy the beauty of nature.”

The Forest in a Fairy Tale
Latysh Lylyia, 10 years old, Ukraine

“I love forests. I wish forests were
always beautiful and clean.”

My Own Starlight Space
Moon Yeh-eun, 12 years old, Rep. of Korea

“I enjoy watching the beautiful stars in the forest, which are hard to see in the city.”

Resting Space Beneath the Mountain
Noeun Nethmonich, 10 years old, Cambodia

“A space where city dwellers
can relieve stress.”

Fresh Nature
Hong Jin-woo, 13 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Only fresh nature
can be put in the basket.”

🎨 The Earth Changing With Effort 🎨

Which Earth Do You Want?
Kim Da-som, 10 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Polar bears are losing their families due to environmental destruction and have nowhere to live. Which Earth do you want to live on, an ill Earth or a happy Earth? I choose the happy Earth!”

Earth Is Ill
Aliza Anthony Swamy, 9 years old, India

“Earth is ill from car exhaust fumes.
Let’s plant more trees
to make a pleasant Earth.”

Let’s Protect the Earth
Baek Sun-woo, 9 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Animals and plants on Earth
suffer from environmental pollution.
Let’s start with small actions
to protect the Earth.”

Managed Environment, Unmanaged Environment
Visak Solida, 11 years old, Cambodia

“A preserved environment has life,
while an unpreserved environment has none.”

🎨 Earth Is Ill 🎨

Let’s Protect the Environment
Weronika Michalis, 11 years old, Poland

“We must protect the environment
without polluting it.”

Tears of the Turtle
Park Yoonho, 11 years old, Rep. of Korea

“When radioactive waste is dumped into the sea, a two-headed mutant turtle sheds tears.”

Don’t Eat It! It’ll Hurt!
Choi Sun-woo, 10 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Burning land, air full of smoke, extreme weather like heavy rain, hail, and droughts! Animals and plants are getting sick and disappearing due to climate change.”

Earth Being Flushed Into the Toilet
Lee Haein, 13 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Due to rising temperatures, polar bears,
fish, and trees are disappearing,
and the Earth is gradually vanishing.”

The Monkey’s Concern
Prasanna, 8 years old, India

“The monkey longs for the old days
when there were many trees.”

The Earth We Must Embrace
Jeong Suin, 7 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Let’s embrace Earth, which is sick
from environmental pollution.”

🎨 Take Care of the Environment, and Love Nature 🎨

The Blue Earth
Phang Zi Lam, 11 years old, Malaysia

“Let’s make the world clean with Mother’s love.”

We Love Nature
Eom Choei, 10 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Let’s beautifully nurture the Earth
we will live together on.”

Clean Earth
Shreya Vijay Gaikwad, 11 years old, India

“This is how we protect the Earth
and keep it clean!”

Let’s Protect Trees
R.Remi, 12 years old, India

“We must save the trees that clean the air
so that we can live.”

🎨 Let’s Open the Bright Future Together with a Green Earth! 🎨

On November 26, the award ceremony for the Environmental Art Competition
was held at the K-POP Tower Exhibition Hall within N Seoul Tower.
Among more than 3,500 participants from both domestic and international locations,
a total of 218 children were awarded prizes, including the Environment Minister Award,
Education Minister Award, Seoul Mayor Award, Gold Prize (including awards from
Intl. WeLoveU Foundation), Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, and Honorable Mention.

WeLoveU members’ children also received awards: 1 Gold Prize, 3 Silver Prizes,
14 Bronze Prizes, 20 Honorable Mentions, and 45 participants recognized
with Special Mention awards, totaling 83 recipients. Director Kim Jung-rak
from WeLoveU participated as a presenter for the Gold Prize category,
extending congratulations and encouragement.

Earth Alongside Nature
Vishmitha (Gold Prize from Intl. WeLoveU Foundation), 10 years old, India

“I was extremely happy to hear about winning the Gold Prize. I bought a sketchbook and crayons and completed the drawing in two days. People are using too much plastic, causing the Earth to become hotter. There are holes in the ozone layer as well. There is also a lot of plastic waste flowing into the ocean. I think it is a serious problem. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to think about the environment.”

Our Earth Is Distressed by Trash
Oh Eun-byeol (Honorable Mention), 12 years old, Rep. of Korea

“Earth is filled with factories. There are many factories near my grandmother’s house, so the air is hazy and bad. The space is also polluted because there is more trash than stars. Thinking that the environment will gradually improve, I drew Earth that is imagining its improvement. From now on, I shouldn’t throw trash anywhere.”

Earth Aches
Jang A-hyun (Honorable Mention), 12 years old, Rep. of Korea

“My child has been very concerned about the environment lately. Perhaps it’s because she and I participate in the WeLoveU’s Clean WORLD Movement together and because she receives environmental education at school. She often remind me of sorting out the recycling thoroughly and avoid using plastic. She even drew a picture about how the Earth will suffer a lot because of ocean garbage, and how we cannot live happily if the Earth is sick. My child was very happy to receive the award.”

Parent Hwang Yun-mi

“It seems like the children understand why they should draw pictures on this topic since it’s an environmental art competition. I believe it is an educational competition of great value. I was amazed by the children’s great interest in the environment, and I felt that the Earth’s future environment would be much improved. The winning works were selected, purely based on the students’ efforts. The artworks from overseas children, who feel the environment like family, felt very pure. Their sincerity in expressing their feelings about the environment was commendable. Vishmitha, who received the Gold Prize, particularly scored high in this aspect.”

Lee Soo-hong, Chair of the Judging Panel, Professor at College of Fine Arts, Hongik University

The award-winning works were exhibited for three days following the award
ceremony, highlighting the significance of environmental conservation
as depicted by children’s innocence to the public.

In this year’s competition, the title “Sick Earth” was particularly prevalent
among the entries. It seems like the voices of children saying, “Earth, please don’t be ill!
are echoing, expressing concern for a planet suffering from environmental issues.

Drawing a world where nature and humanity coexist,
WeLoveU will continue its efforts
to fulfill the wishes of children who dream of a healthy Earth.