Human rights refer to the fundamental rights that every individual
inherently possesses as a human being, ensuring that they can live with dignity.

Freedom Rights

The right not to be restricted by the state authority in one’s freedom: academic freedom, freedom of speech and the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of the body,
freedom of thought, etc.

Social Rights

The right to demand social security measures from the state for a dignified life as a human being: rights for education, environment, labor rights, etc.

Equality Rights

The right to equality before the law and not to be discriminated against in political, economic, and social life.

Individuals have the inherent right to be respected and happy, regardless of
nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, language, disability, education, family status,
economic status, or any other distinction. Furthermore, states are obliged
to make efforts to guarantee and promote the human rights of their citizens.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience
and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

In commemoration of Human Rights Day December 10, WeLoveU organized
the WeLoveU Human Rights Art Competition 2023 to elevate awareness
and understanding of human rights, fostering a culture of mutual respect,
with the aim of creating a world where no one feels lonely.

From December 15 to 22, WeLoveU members around the world
submitted various paintings and videos online speaking the dignity
and value of humanity, including freedom, equality, justice, and respect.
Among them, 13 works were selected as award-winning pieces.

🎨 Viewing Human Rights Through Award-Winning Works 🎨

Children Group

🏆 Grand Award

You and Me Being Respected

Kim Chae-won, Rep. of Korea

“Human beings are precious from the moment they are born.
Regardless of age, race, gender, or disability,
everyone is a lovable and valuable existence.”

🏅 Best Excellence Award

Child Rights

Aliya Tirki, India

“Everyone should go to school, but there are children who cannot.
Receiving education in schools is a fundamental right of children.”

🏅 Excellence Award

Human Rights Shield

Aaron Satya Topo, India

“Human rights are a shield.”

🏅 Excellence Award

Same Heart, Same Friends

Moon Yeh-eun, Rep. of Korea

“Despite differences in ethnicity, language, or physical comfort, we are all friends.”

🏅 Excellence Award

Racial Discrimination

Ha Jung-woo, Rep. of Korea

“Let’s refrain from racial discrimination
and instead, let’s love one another.”

Youth Group

🏆 Grand Award

You Are a True Influencer

Yang Rick-hwi, Rep. of Korea

“Let’s uphold human rights online
by promoting positivity through our comments.”

🏅 Best Excellence Award

Human Rights Stand When All Join

Kim Ji-hoon, Rep. of Korea

“Even with different appearances,
everyone must come together for happiness.”

🏅 Excellence Award

An Awesome Society Where We Thrive Together

Kwon Min-ju, Rep. of Korea

“Just like various ingredients come together to create delicious Kimbap, a joyful world is formed when diverse people unite.”

Adults Group

🏆 Grand Award

Inherent Rights

Rosita Bernardo Parrenas, U.S.

“Every person in this world has the right to enjoy inherent rights such as education, love, justice, and freedom.”

🏅 Best Excellence Award

My Voice Matters

Rebecca Llaguno, U.S.

“Freedom, hope, and equality belong to everyone.”

🏅 Best Excellence Award

Being Human

Yoojin Na, Rep. of Korea

“All people born on this earth must go forth together toward a life of equality.”

🏅 Excellence Award


Kwon Sol-ji, Rep. of Korea

“When our differences come together,
wounds are healed and flowers bloom in our hearts.”

🏅 Excellence Award

Tree of Rights

Deviya Gohil, India

“We must learn about human rights for the benefit of everyone.”

Ubuntu for the Promotion of Human Rights!

Instead of running alone to claim the fruit as the winner, the African children
walked hand in hand with their friends to share and enjoy together.

The African proverb “Ubuntu” means “I am because we are,”
which embodies the love for humanity, recognizing that true happiness
is achieved when everyone is happy together.

The spirit of Ubuntu is necessary for the raise of human rights.
By looking around with the mindset that I can be happy when others are happy,
we can uphold the rights of everyone in the global family
without leaving anyone ostracized.

WeLoveU will continue to spread awareness of the value of human rights
and make efforts to create a happy world where everyone’s rights are protected.

Thank you, everyone who participated
in the WeLoveU Human Rights Art Competition!