MOU 체결 후 업무혁약식을 기념하는 대한적십자사 임원들과 국제WeLoveU 임원들

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Signed an MOU with Korean Red Cross

Laying the foundation for sustainable efforts for saving lives in cooperation

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Save the World Global Forum 2019

Establishing global networks for sustainable life-saving efforts: Signing MOUs with overseas agencies and organizations

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2019년 2월 18일, 국제위러브유 장길자 회장과 각국 주한 대사가 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스에서 열린 2019 국제위러브유 간담회에 참석

Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Dinner Conference 2019

Establishing Global Partnerships for the Implementation of UN SDGs

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The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation has been acknowledged as an NGO associated with the UN DGC

The prestige of the global organization embracing the earth and mankind, has been established

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세계인권선언 80주년 2018년, 국제 관용의 날인 11월 16일을 맞아 국제위러브유가 변화를 만드는 사람들이라는 유엔 인권행사에 참석해 인권문제 동영상을 홍보

A University Student from the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Presented at the UN Human Rights Event

Presented a video about human rights at the ‘International Day for Tolerance'

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Save the World Global Forum 2018

Discussions on emergency relief and global partnerships
Signed an MOU with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization for Relief and Development,
and with the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development.

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The WeLoveU’ Speech at the 2018 World Leaders’ Conservation Forum

The presentation at ‘Green Talk Concert’ shared the same perception with domestic and overseas environmental group leaders and young people

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Participates in the 67th UN DPI/NGO Conference

Together Finding Global Solutions for Global Problems

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Meeting for Global Welfare for the Implementation of UN SDGs

‘International Cooperation & UN SDGs’ opened a new dawn for global welfare cooperation

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