In recognition of its 10 Year Contribution for Emergency Relief and Clean WORLD Movement

On July 18, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the WeLoveU) was awarded the National Assembly of the Republic of Ecuador Dr. Vicente Rocafuerte Medal. The Vicente Rocafuerte Medal is the most honorable medal in the field of social contribution, awarded by the National Assembly of Ecuador. Only the organizations that have made outstanding contributions that can be verified in the fields of politics, culture, education, business, economy, labor, society, and sports are awarded with the recommendation of a member of the National Assembly or the head of each local government or government department. If it is proven that they have made an outstanding contribution to the national improvement, the award winners are determined through the approval of the President of the National Assembly.

For the earthquake in Ecuador in 2016, the WeLoveU donated daily necessities to 644 households by raising funds worth 50,000 USD through the 17th New Life Family Walkathon. In 2017, they donated school supplies to Pablo Neruda Elementary School. Between 2020 and 2021, they donated the COVID-19 safety supplies. They also provided emergency supplies to 500 households of Ecuadorian flood victims in 2022. Additionally, for ten years since 2012, they have held volunteer activities such as environmental cleanups and blood drives in cooperation with Ecuadorian government offices.

The award ceremony was held twice on August 17 and 22 at the Capitol in Quito, Ecuador. Virgilio Saquicela Espinoza, President of the National Assembly delivered the medal in the office of the National Assembly on the 17th and said, “I would like to thank your organization for supporting our country for the past ten years, including the aid for the earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the countless help you have given to Ecuador.” On August 22, Assemblywoman Ana Cecilia Herrera Gomez, who attended the award ceremony held in the main assembly hall of the Capitol, said, “The Vicente Rocafuerte Medal is awarded by the National Assembly of Ecuador in a very special way only to those who have accomplished outstanding achievements. Whenever Ecuadorian people faced difficulties, you came to help. We cannot help but acknowledge your tremendous help for us.”

Choi Jeong-woo, Manager of the WeLoveU Quito Chapter, received the medal and said, “I will deliver a mother’s love to Ecuadorian neighbors who are struggling with the current international affairs and economic difficulties.”