Recognized for carrying out various volunteer services for local communities

2019년 3월 19일, 국제위러브유가 미국 펜실베이니아 주의회로부터 표창장을 받음.

On March 19, WeLoveU was honored with a certificate of recognition from the Senate of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives U.S. The award ceremony was held in the assembly hall and was attended by thirty members from the WeLoveU branch in the Eastern U.S., including Senators and House Representatives.

Before the start of the award ceremony, John Power, Vice President of the WeLoveU branch in the Eastern U.S. introduced the WeLoveU Foundation as an NGO associated with the UN DGC, and explained that it carries out volunteer services with the heart of a mother. Senator Christine Tartaglione gave the certificate of recognition, saying, “The WeLoveU contributes in a meaningful way to the well-being of their communities and ultimately to all people.”

The WeLoveU branch in Philadelphia has collected about 2.7 tons of trash by constantly holding Clean WORLD Movement, and has also planted 100 trees and 100 wild flowers since 2017. It has also repaired two welfare center buildings in a local community. On the certificate of recognition, it was written, “prolific record of community service projects and outreach in Pennsylvania,” which amplified the meaning of compliments.

Many House Representatives and Senators expressed their hope to work together with the WeLoveU. Jared Solomon, State Representative, had been watching the activities by the WeLoveU Foundation, and expressed his hope to work together with the WeLoveU, saying, “I’ve never seen an organization that desires to participate in volunteer services devotionally with bright energy. The WeLoveU makes citizens proud by improving the lives of the underprivileged and doing good deeds with zeal. If every organization in the world were like this, the world would be a much better place to live in.”

The WeLoveU members expressed their gratitude for being recognized for their volunteer services for local citizens and communities, and pledged to continue to work hard for the sustainable future of the global village and local communities.

국제위러브유는 2017년부터 클린월드운동, 지역 복지센터 시설 보수 등 다양한 봉사를 펼친 공로로 미국 펜실베이니아 주의회로부터 표창을 받음.
3월 19일, 재단법인 국제위러브유가 미국 펜실베이니아 주의회로부터 표창을 받음.