The heat wave caused by global warming! Let’s spend our summer vacation, cooling the earth!

Practice 1. What to check before you depart
– Unplug devices if not in use.
– Check car tire pressure.

Practice 2. Check it out before you move!
– Use public transportation.
– Drive your car without unnecessary loads.

Practice 3. Check it out at your vacation spot!
– Refrain from using disposables.
– Shouldn’t waste food.
– Pick up trash while jogging [Plogging].
– Recycle.
– Maintain the ideal room temperature of 26℃ [78.8°F].

<How to participate>
1. Please practice at least one item of Clean Action during summer vacation.
2. Take a photo or video (more than 10 seconds) and email it to with your name, the name of your country, and a few words about how you feel about participating in the challenge.

*Include the hashtags
#CleanActionChallengeInSummerVacation #CleanAction #Intl.WeLoveU #Unplug #TravelbyPublicTransportation