Electricity is being wasted by standby power even when it’s not in use!

Due to unnecessary waste of standby power,
pollution such as greenhouse gas and particle pollution are produced, destroying the earth.

Just by unplugging appliances that are not in use,
each household can reduce about 12.6 kg of carbon dioxide each year!
It has the same effect as planting 1.9 trees a year!

WeLoveU’s Pull the Plug Challenge

Participate right now!

How to Participate in the WeLoveU’s Pull the Plug Challenge

1. Pull the Plug every day.
2. Take a photo of yourself while participating in the challenge.
3. Upload your photo(s) to social media with the name of the country and a few words about
how you feel about participating in the challenge or email it to cleanaction@intlweloveu.org

Include the hashtags
#PullThePlugChallenge #CleanAction #InternationalWeLoveU