Every morning,
the global temperature rises as we go to work.

Each time a car travels the distance of 1 km [0.6 miles],
it emits about 140 g [0.3 oz] of CO2.
One year, 2 tons of CO2 emitted!

Once a week
WeLoveU’s “TayoTayo” Challenge
using bus, subway, and carpooling,
let’s reduce the global temperature!

How to Participate in the “TayoTayo” Challenge

1. Use public transportation or carpool 4 times a month instead of using a car.
2. Take a photo or video of yourself participating in the challenge.
3. Upload your photo or video to social media with the name of a country and a few words about how you feel about participating in the challenge or email it to cleanaction@intlweloveu.org

※ Include the hashtags #TayoTayoChallenge #CleanAction #InternationalWeLoveU