WeLoveU presents the Worldwide Clean WORLD Movement carried out through street clean-ups, park clean-ups, beach clean-ups in 2021 full of passion and enthusiasm!

“To make our community bright and clean!”
We make our village, our community clean and bright.

“To provide clean places for children to play!”
We provide clean parks for children to freely run around.

“To make the earth a place where lives can live!”
We make a clean environment by cleaning the polluted ocean and beaches.

-Chad West, Mayor Pro Tem and Dallas City Council Member, USA
This is something I’ve never witnessed before in any volunteer group at any location in my entire life.
I mean it is very inspiring.
And it is exactly what volunteerism should be about.

-Mitch O’Farrell, Los Angeles City Council Member, USA
You’re investing in this endeavor, you’re now part of the overall solution here.

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