Held the “Clean WORLD Movement 2021” in 64 Locations of 16 Countries to Preserve the Blue Sky

Being drawn to something means that your attention is focused on it. Where do people around the world focus their attention these days? Each country has different attention in terms of political, economic, and social affairs, but if there is one thing in common, it is definitely environmental issues. Heavy rains, heavy snowfalls, heat waves, hurricanes, and large-scale wildfires have become more frequent around the world. They are all environmental disasters caused by abnormal climate events.

At the request of the Korean government, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation carried out the “Clean WORLD Movement 2021 for Blue Sky Day” to contribute to creating clean air and a healthy earth, commemorating the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies (September 7) which was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2019. 74 locations of 19 countries said they would participate in environmental cleanups by the end of September, and 64 locations of 16 countries have finished the cleanups. For a month and a half, 450 citizens rolled up their sleeves with 3,600 WeLoveU members to preserve the blue sky.

Cleanups were carried out at various places such as downtown streets, parks, residential areas, train stations, bus terminals, ports, mountains, rivers, seas, streams, valleys, reservoirs, hospitals, and university campuses. The members not only picked up trash, but also planted seedlings in flower beds, cleared weeds, painted park playground equipment and public facilities walls, removed flyers from utility poles, and repaired floors. In addition, they carried out a campaign to inform citizens of the seriousness of environmental pollution by writing texts and drawing on paper panels.

What was more meaningful was that citizens’ participation rate was higher than that of the members in some locations. In particular, much more residents participated in the cleanup at Urb. San Joaquin II in Ica, Peru, than the number of the members, which made them realize that environmental cleanup is something that all local residents must do together. In addition, African countries showed a high level of participation in the Clean WORLD Movement. Due to the pandemic, only three to five countries in each continent participated in it; however, in Africa, nine countries expressed their intention to participate in it. Starting with the Rep. of South Africa, which had carried out nine cleanups by the end of September, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Namibia, Togo, Benin, Angola, Mozambique, and Gabon focused their efforts on cleaning up streets and parks.

WeLoveU Collects Nearly 42 Tonnes of Garbage Through the Clean WORLD Movement; Guests Show Support for Its Activities

The WeLoveU carried out a cleanup at De La Rey St., Ravensmead, Parow, Cape Town, Rep. of South Africa, on September 5 at the request of Jacoline Visser, a ward councilor who had been interested in the WeLoveU’s activities; the place had suffered from illegal garbage dumping. More than a tonne of garbage was collected during the cleanup, and dozens of car tires were collected. The ward councilor showed his active support for the WeLoveU’s activities, saying, “Your activities are always wonderful. Boast about it as much as you want.”

The members in Quito, Ecuador, took a bus to Latacunga, Cotopaxi, and cleaned up the Amazonas Ave. Ana Cecilia Herrera Gómez, the member of National Assembly for Cotopaxi, participated in the cleanup and later actively promoted the news of WeLoveU’s environmental cleanup through the media. Regarding WeLoveU’s social contribution activities around the world, she said, “I would like to give a big thanks to Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah. Cleanup activities are a big help to taking care of the earth.” Afterwards, she delivered a certificate of appreciation to the WeLoveU at the National Assembly.

Even the inclement weather did not cool down the fervor of volunteering. The winds blew hot and damp, making it difficult to volunteer, but the members were not perturbed at all. When they were doing a cleanup in Matsuyamachi-Suji, Osaka, Japan, it rained on and off. Nevertheless, the members paid no heed to the weather, but they wore raincoats and concentrated on the cleanup. At first glance, the whole area of Matsuyamachi-Suji was clean, but there were many plastics, soda bottles, plastic bag waste, etc. hidden in flower beds on the streets and in inconspicuous spots. The members meticulously cleaned up every corner of the streets, even the hidden corners.

After completing the cleanup, the members around the world put the garbage together in one place and shouted “We love you” as they always have. Through the Clean WORLD Movement, the WeLoveU collected 42 tonnes of garbage to mark the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. The streets the members passed by were sharply different than before. The members were pleased to spend a meaningful day of protecting the blue sky, wiping their beads of sweat at the locations they made clean like new.

The Clean WORLD Movement was introduced in various media outlets such as Namibia’s public broadcaster, and showed the value of the WeLoveU’s theme of sharing and living together. Protecting and preserving the global environment is not the duty of just a few particular people. It is a work that must be done in unity by all people around the world, including all regions, countries, and individuals. Then we will be able to pass down the beautiful blue sky to our future generations. The WeLoveU encourages all citizens from around the world to participate in the Clean WORLD Movement, which is to protect the global village with the love of a mother.