Constantly Carry Out Clean WORLD Movement in the United States to Fight Environmental Pollution

On the occasion of World Environment Day last month, U.S. members of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah) cleaned up streets and parks in agreement with the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030. This month, too, WeLoveU carried out the Clean WORLD Movement for the same purpose. WeLoveU decided to make more efforts to restore the collapsing ecosystem of the earth by fighting the accelerated environmental pollution in the age of pandemic.

On July 11, members in New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, and Utah cleaned up streets and parks in the four states, and the next day, members in Florida carried out a cleanup at a location. On the 18th, members in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana carried out cleanups at five locations, and on the 25th, members in ten states, including Colorado, Wyoming, and Georgia, carried out cleanups at six locations to prevent environmental pollution. During the month of July, more than 1,200 members in 38 regions of 18 states participated in the cleanups at 16 locations such as parks and streets, collecting an enormous amount of waste, well over 8 tonnes.

Applause to the WeLoveU’s Efforts to Beautify the United States

Regardless of whether it is sunny or inclement with rain showers, the members devoted themselves to the volunteer service, and the citizens and residents who were passing by gave them rounds of cheers and expressed their thanks to them. On the 11th, when the members were sorting out trash tangled with grass, trees, and paper at Broadway and Mills Street, New York, residents came out of their houses and said thank you to the members with sincere appreciation on their faces. Then on the 25th when the members were cleaning Austell Road, Hicks Road, and Floyd Road along the East-West Connector in Georgia, residents enthusiastically supported the cleanup by honking and waving their hands as they drove by. On the same day, when the members were cleaning Albemarle Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina, the residents gave water and snacks to the members, giving them cheers of encouragement.

The guests who participated in the Clean WORLD Movement greatly complimented the WeLoveU’s activities. Buffalo City Director of Citizen Services Oswaldo Mestre Jr. joined the cleanup at Broadway on the 11th and he broadcast the members’ cleanup live on social media, saying, “The International WeLoveU Foundation really plays the role.” Councilmember Derek Green attended the cleanup at Mallery Playground in Philadelphia on the 18th. He and the members pulled weeds, collected garbage, and removed graffiti, starting from 10 a.m. He said, “It’s an honor to partner with the WeLoveU Foundation in this regard, and I applaud their efforts in helping to keep America beautiful.”

When the members cleaned Almont and Harambee Parks in Boston on the 25th, it rained heavily on and off all day. However, no one was disturbed by the weather but focused on cleaning the parks, and the Massachusetts state representatives were surprised to see the conditions didn’t deter the members’ efforts. “Coming out today and cleaning up is so important, so continue these efforts all around the world,” said one Massachusetts State Representative. “Thank you so much for being here, and I really do appreciate all the efforts.”

The WeLoveU members said, “We just worked hard to clean up the environment and restore ecosystems, but the neighbors thanked us and reacted with huge cheers of support for the Clean WORLD Movement, so we were greatly encouraged and assured that we would be able to bring a positive impact on the global ecosystem if we make small but constant efforts to clean the environment.” As always, the members will work steadily and silently for the earth whenever and wherever, regardless of whether their work is acknowledged by people.

Through the Clean WORLD Movement in July, the members collected various garbage such as plastics, automobile parts, building materials, electronics, bicycles, and household items from streets, parks, rivers, and residential areas. The WeLoveU hopes that the global ecosystem has been restored even a little this month.